Alex Jones Strikes Back With “CNN Is ISIS” Contest

You don’t have to like them, but outright dismissing them is out of the question.

After taking some time off to deal with personal legal issues, Alex Jones of has re-emerged to make his mark in the Summer of Blood. Like Milo, I tend to believe that Jones was due for a break following President Trump’s swearing-in. Why not? Both Milo and Jones, critical figures in the cyber-political arena, worked extremely hard during the election season to put out propaganda that the Democrats were never able to effectively counter.

You may recall I wrote about the effectiveness of Jones’ “Bill Clinton Is A Rapist” viral contest, which can only be regarded as a smashing success. Campaign rallies featuring Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, or Tim Kain, which were already lifeless rallies to begin with, were brought to life by screeching provocateurs, all for the sake of dank memes, cash, and the humiliation of the Clinton Campaign. It was hilarious. The boring Clinton campaign mustered up all the Hollywood celebrities they could, even throwing free Ace of Base and Jay-Z concerts. It was useless, the Alex Jones campaign was clearly the more appealing propaganda because of its’ blend of viciousness and truth. The “Bill Clinton Is A Rapist” contest completely wrecked Bill Clinton on the campaign trail, and has arguably ruined his reputation for good.

Now Jones has roared back with two new targets: Maxine Waters and CNN. Maxine Waters has become the poster child of stupidity ever since she foolishly started talking about impeaching Donald Trump. I wrote only a few weeks ago in my article “Impeachment Fallacy Falls Apart” that Al Green and Maxine Waters had made a colossal political mistake by prematurely calling for the impeachment of President Trump over his firing of FBI Director Comey. Now the chickens are coming home to roost. Alex Jones is firing up his non-political machine to actively destroy her in her upcoming election…and it seems to be working already. There is a considerable chance she will be upended by her political opponent Omar Navarro in her upcoming reelection race. It might seem like a longshot at first glance, but Waters has been in politics for a long time now and people might finally be ready to throw her out. It would be foolish of Waters to take Jones and Navarro lightly. I’m very interested to see where this goes.

But the coup de grace is the new “Operation Expose Terrorist” contest that was just launched by Infowars. The rules of the contest are similar to the “Bill Clinton Is A Rapist” contest…be seen wearing a “CNN is ISIS” shirt (with the image of recently disgraced “comedienne” Kathy Griffin holding President Trump’s head) on live network tv (preferably a cable news broadcast), plug, be heard yelling “CNN is ISIS” during a live broadcast, etc. This is a clever way to really drag Kathy Griffin and Tyler Shields through the mud for their idiotic stunt (in soccer/football, this is called an “own goal”), and to further humiliate CNN for their association with Griffin. If this contest is anywhere near as popular as the “Bill Clinton Is A Rapist” contest, we could be in for some very compelling television!

The memes…my God man, the memes…

This is only a taste of what’s to come from Alex Jones


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