A Vote For Hillary Is A Vote For Rapists!

There is no such posturing on the Trump Train.

After all the media coverage over Bill Cosby’s sex scandals, why is it now that the well-documented sex scandals of Bill Clinton are unimportant to the media? The mainstream media is paying a dear price for their bias, and the internet (thanks to Alex Jones) is laughing all the way to the bank. Hillary Clinton’s campaign has undoubtedly worked the media to craft a campaign message of ideological family-friendliness and purity, which is bizzaro world considering this is usually a staple-tactic of the White Male Christian Republican Party.

The attempt to whitewash all the horrible Bill Clinton sex scandals in preparation for Hillary Clinton’s presidential run can be traced back to her awful interview with Katie Couric. In this interview, Hillary pitched an obviously bogus story of how Bill’s past infidelities had made their marriage stronger. It was the pathetic stuff of moist daytime television, ultimately impossible to view without puking. It is also a clear indication that Hillary is willing to embarrass both herself and her family by publicly disclosing her own dirty laundry. Naturally, the purpose of this tv interview was to whitewash Bill’s sins in a flimsy attempt to convince Americans that there is sexual morality in her PG-rated campaign.

There is no such posturing on the Trump Train. It is a brutally honest R-rated campaign where all of the ugliest truths are laid bare. Trump is a womanizer, America is in deep $hit with radical Islam, inner-cities are at breaking-points, the deficit is fatal, and the stone-cold realization that Obama has been a total failure. There is no point in trying to smile and convince people that a sexually moral campaign is mandatory to address the growing problems of America. Americans want the R-rated ugly realities of this country, not the phony PG-rated feel-good campaign that lulls us into a false sense of security.

So the mainstream media’s death spiral over Trump’s tape clogged the news cycle and gave all the moronic mainstream talking heads an excuse to say “pu$$y” a thousand times on-air and crow about how sexually chaste they really aren’t. Rightfully dismissed by Trump as mundanely banal “locker room talk”, talking heads and even hypocritical pro athletes chimed in with their false claims of sexual purity, which convinces no one. It is 2016, Bill Clinton already set the bar for sexual morality so low that Trump has the obvious moral high ground compared to the Clintons. Exposing the rape victims of Bill Clinton is an ugly and truthful reminder of who Bill Clinton is. He is a monster. Donald Trump having the press conference before the debate and seating them in the Town Hall is an epic troll against the mainstream media for shamefully trying to convince the American public that Bill is not a problem. He is. The Clintons weren’t angels when they were in the White House in the 90’s, they were opportunists, fundraisers, sexual deviants, and thieves. They stole furniture from the White House, lied under oath, imprisoned black people, and rented out the Lincoln bedroom to friendly donors. If you believe they’ve changed and will behave this time in the White House, kill yourself.

But it wasn’t enough, the mainstream media could not stop obsessing over the harmless (and crudely funny) remarks of the sex tape, idiotically trying to make the Presidential race a contest in projecting phony values. Game on. Enter Paula Jones, Juanita Broderick, Gennifer Flowers, and Katherine Willey (Monica Lewinski, the poster girl for Clinton sex scandals, has been noticeably absent thus far). Trump held a press conference with the Bill Clinton rape victims under the same moral turpitude that the mainstream media constantly virtue signals with, claiming “they deserve to be heard”, which is a massive troll on the mainstream media for not paying attention. Breitbart has been running visceral interview footage of the victims’ (most brutally J Broderick) detailing the disgusting acts of Bill Clinton, along with details of the sinister lengths Hillary Clinton was willing to go to punish these women personally. Their stories are not new, the mainstream media is just too in love with the Clintons to bother reporting them. Having 3 accusers attend the town hall brawl debate (with the press conference just prior to the debate) was a brilliant move by Donald Trump. The Clintons were visibly rattled all night.

So why has the media been so silent on Bill Clinton’s rape accusers? It is an ugly double-standard of the media that has gone all-in for Hillary, and they seem to be content to let the internet claim the moral high ground. Bill Clinton is no longer untouchable, the internet has catalogued all his carnal sins, and they are coming back to haunt him. Alex Jones, famed cyber-skeptic of InfoWars and Prison Planet, set up a bounty hunt a little more than a week ago to reward people that either shouted out “Bill Clinton is a rapist” during a mainstream news broadcast or speech and/or to wear a Bill Clinton Is A Rapist t-shirt. Wearing the shirt nets you $1,000 while shouting out “Bill Clinton is a rapist” gets you a cool $5,000. And you get to be a dank meme!

The contest has been meme magic. Since it started, nearly every Clinton or Clinton surrogate speech has been heckled with Bill Clinton Is A Rapist, and there are multiple videos of the meme getting on network news. Go to youtube and check out “Bill Clinton is a rapist”, and you will see that over the last week, people have been hilariously pipe-bombing live mainstream network newscasts by dropping this hard truth in hilarious fashion. Some of the more creative types have decided to shout it out at ironic times during Bill Clinton (and even Tim Kaine’s!) speeches, resulting in dank memes like “The word out of Trump Towers is Bill Clinton is a rapist!” (Tim Kaine speech) and “Nobody can deny that Bill Clinton is a rapist” (Bill Clinton). Bill Clinton’s reaction during these heckler-tastic moments is interesting to read, he seems to be visibly shaken by the fact that his once-reliable vintage brand of political magic is being destroyed along with his personal and Presidential legacy. The people HATE him. Anyone willing to forgive Bill Clinton for being a rapist and sexual deviant sickens me.

It is happening at every Clinton and Clinton surrogate speech. Even Joe Biden was recently heckled, only by someone upset at their friends’ death in Syria. This, of course, caused Biden to retreat to his newest and most deplorable political weapon, which is to cower behind the tombstone of his dead son Beau. Make no mistake about it, the Clinton Campaign is being utterly trolled to death by the dankest memes (the black fly, hacking Hillary, hiding Hillary, 9-11 collapse, Pepe, Wikileaks, Reddie, Breitbart, Trump’s CNN bait-and-switch…I could do this all day…). The “Bill Clinton is a rapist” meme is a savage meme in action, and it is ruining the Clinton Campaign in glorious mischievous fashion.

When you whitewash disgusting and unforgiveable behavior and have the nerve to call every day Americans “deplorables”, don’t be surprised when they decide to wreck every corner of the ivory tower. On the glorious day when Former President William Jefferson Clinton dies, and the flag is ordered at half-staff for a week or two, I will, as a proud veteran, salute it and say out loud:



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