2020 Democratic National Party Platform*


Democrats have begun throwing their names in the ring for a battle royale over who will match up against President Trump for the 2020 election. Many of the names already committed for 2020 are names you have heard quite often over the past 2 years, as they loudly exclaimed their positions in anticipation for a presidential run. In fact, you could probably summarize all of their political positions into 1 bullet point… Anything that opposes Donald J. Trump.

But since that doesn’t fly unless you are a hardcore Democrat, the DNC will need to make up an official party platform for the election. Based upon what has hit the media in the last several months, we can have an idea of what the Democrats stand for, and can reasonably guess what will also have to be included based on current policy proposals.

So, here is the unofficial Three Patriots Democratic National Committee 2020 party platform.


· Stop building barriers on borders. Allow all who want to enter to come in, affording them all the rights and liberties of current citizens of the United States. Consider tearing down any current barriers on the country’s borders.

· Give citizenship to all those currently in the United States, regardless of any and all crimes committed prior to entering the US, or during stay inside the country.


· Remove all barriers to the voting booth, giving anyone who wishes to vote the ability to do so. No proof of personhood, citizenship, residency or age need to be given.

· Lower legal voting age to 16, but those young can still vote because we no longer require any proof of personhood, citizenship, residency or age to vote.


· Legalize abortion in all 50 states to any age of gestation, including to the point of birth. Consider allowing abortion after the point of birth if it is agreed upon between a woman and her doctor.


· Continue to make it a felony to kill any animal on the endangered species list, including eggs or unborn baby animals.


· All persons in the United States have the right to free healthcare, provided to them by the government.


· All persons in the United States have the right to free education, up to and including college, provided to them by the government.

· Forgive all current student loan debt.

Minimum Wage

· Increase national minimum wage to $15 an hour.

· All persons in the United States have the right to a living wage, whether they want to work or not, provided to them by the government (also known as Universal Basic Income).

Racial Justice

· All persons of color have the right to reparations for the suffering of their distant ancestors due to slavery and should be paid to them by the US government.

Parental Rights

· No child should be separated for their parent/guardian, no matter the circumstance, including crimes.

Illegal Drugs

· All drugs should be legalized in every state and those who are serving jail time for previous drug-related offenses should be released with reparations paid to them.


· Do away with all gas-powered cars, planes, trains and businesses, replacing them with zero-emission options.

· Get rid of all current forms of energy production, including nuclear power and replace it with wind and solar energy production

· Rebuild all buildings and homes in the US to abide by new energy standards

Foreign Policy

· Move US towards policy of globalism.

· Hate on Russia for foreseeable future, until Democrat president can work with him behind closed doors

· End support for Israel, increase support for Palestine, Pakistan and other Muslim states


· Eliminate all previous tax breaks and increase taxes on everyone. Taxes will likely have to be near 50% of all income for everyone to pay for new policies.

· Increase taxes on wealthy to a greater proportion, likely greater than 70%.

· Increase taxes on all corporations.

Special Interests

· Eliminate all corporate Political Action Committees, removing any corporate interests from the political realm.

National Defense

· Decrease spending on military and national defense

Worker’s Rights

· Remove all barriers for Unions and employee organization


· Increase Social Security Benefits

· Universal paid family leave

· Free childcare

· Give more money to the lower class to keep them in the pocketbooks of the Democrats


· Ban scary-looking black rifles including but not limited to the AR-15 assault weapon, grenade launchers, barrel shrouds, telescoping stocks, multiple round and detachable magazines, and fully semi-automatic guns.

· Ban purchase of firearms and ammunition on the internet.

· Require all persons to undergo extensive background checks for all firearm purchases, no matter the source.

· Institute a national firearms registry that requires gun owners to submit serial numbers of all firearms they own and update it on a regular basis, including how they are stored.

· Restrict the amount of ammunition a person can buy, also requiring a background check for those purchases.


· Provide legal protections against discrimination of any minority groups, including age, gender, sexual preferences, identities, orientations, etc.

· Require all businesses to provide services any and all protected groups, regardless of religious beliefs.

Think this is an article written by The Onion? Several years ago, this would have made the cut on The Onion, but today: Nope… nearly all of these bullet points have been supported by one or many of those running for the Democratic Party nomination. In fact, many of these have already been embraced by the DNC official platform. Sure seems to me that the DNC wants to move America towards Communism, where the government tells you what to do, how to do it and when to do it. #NoThanks

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Jon Saltzman
Jon Saltzman


Nice primer on what we have to expect this election cycle: Oh you missed one- Felons in prison can vote!