You Can’t Erase History – No Matter How Much You Dislike It

The Charlottesville riot problem is not an issue about who won and who lost the Civil War – but free speech

My post-Charlottesville Facebook post read:

“You can’t erase History by tearing down monuments.

#StopTheInsanity Help #MakeAmericaGreatAgain & Stop hurting us all.”

Boy, was this post ever an eye opener in more ways than one.

I got tons and tons of pro comments, and a very few con, but the con comments were the most vehement I’ve ever seen.

The exchange went something like this:

P says: “The disagreement I have here is assuming your position is one of a proud American who strongly supports American history...yes? That being said historical monuments have a place, unfortunately any that glorify the Confederacy are by their definition anti-American as we know it. Our history is on the winning side, not the side who tried to leave The US. Idk about you, but I only want true American monuments in my country.”

Shocked at his posture about Confederate monuments being anti American, SMH - I ask, “What are "true" American monuments?”

“Ones that reflect the culture of the society we live in, not one that was by nature trying to withdraw from America. It's very black and white. While I'm hesitant to use this example, it would be likened to people in modern Germany hanging Nazi signs openly as a show of their history. Actually this is worse in that Nazism was pro German while the Confederacy was anti American. Any proud American who values this country would hopefully see that,” he replied. SMH.

Here’s a little history lesson: General Lee fought for what he believed in at the time.

Just like Black Lives and the liberal left do – even though he was wrong, he was defeated, he laid down his sword, honored the U.S. Constitution and obeyed the law of the land.

Lee was and is an icon of American history - whether anyone likes it or not. His monuments and statues should be left as a reminder of the mistakes of our past and the fight for our freedoms that are hard-won. Ask ANY veteran.

Make no mistake - nine of our first twelve Presidents were slave owners.

Condoleezza Rice says . . . “The long road to freedom has indeed been long, sometimes violent with many martyrs . . . to expand the definition of “We the People.”

Condi also emphasizes that “from the slave owners to now – look at where we are now . . . and the slave owners were people of their times.”

It’s all here in this very enlightening 2-minute interview: link

Sorry, P, you be in the minority on this one . . .

General Lee was a major representative of the bloodiest war in U.S. history. The blood of all those heroes and patriots is interred in the battlegrounds of the south.

The Charlottesville riot problem is not an issue about who won and who lost the Civil War – it’s an issue about free speech. P, your statements lead me to believe that you only want your voice to be heard.

You cannot compare this to the Nazi party at all.

Liken your example to bulldozing Auschwitz instead – denying that those 6 million Jews ever mattered. Not hanging some damn Nazi flag in a window.

This is not an issue about who is right and who is wrong – those monuments are an issue of freedom of speech. Like it or not.

You’re ignoring the real issues here – it’s about free speech – it’s not about who decided what is right or wrong for America.

What you cannot withdraw from is that the Civil War is part of the history of our great country and of the south.

Lee’s monument is as much free speech as Black Lives Matter marching down our city streets.

Seems all the proud Americans that weighed in on this issue are 98% in agreement: Leave our history alone, learn from our past mistakes and move on.

All these violent, divisive actions, riots and rhetoric started back with the democrats trying desperately to beat Trump any way they could. “Resist! Obstruct! Fight!” Cry Hillary, Waters, Pelosi, Warren, Schumer, Hollywood’s Elite and the rest of Soros’ leftist sycophant cronies.

Those monuments are no more “Tributes to White Supremacists” than the Man in the Moon.

“Is it possible both sides have a point?” asks writer Tony Woodlief, in the Saturday/Sunday, May 20/21, 2017 issue of the WSJ.

Tony’s excellent piece was about NOLA’s removing the last of four Civil War Memorials – and consequently, I for one, will never set foot in NOLA ever again because of this unethical anti-historical, hypocritical policy. And I only hope more people decide to #BoycottNOLA because of it . . .

And now here we are – Saturday, August 12, 2017 with the same crap happening here in Charlottesville. What is wrong with this picture?

Then someone commented: The Civil War is very much a part of our history, whether or not we were alive in 1861, almost every family in America was affected by the Civil War. Over 660,000 Americans died in that war . . . It would be denying our own American History!

ISIS is doing the very same thing in the Middle East – It will not change history.

There’s no room in America for homegrown terrorism.

How long before they start taking down the Washington and Jefferson Memorials because they were slave owners?

John says, “If you think the left is going to be satisfied with just removing historic Confederate statues in the south, think again. After they remake the south, they’ll remove and supplant history with their agenda elsewhere in the country. It will not stop here . . .”

P went on, “So, what you’re telling us here is that only YOUR view matters. Not anyone else’s.”

No, I am not - No matter what side you’re on – those monuments are a symbol free speech, part of our American history.

The police were supposedly told to stand down. Now what does that tell you?

This is strictly a free speech issue – Germany will arrest you if you showed Merkel the way they show trump here – if you hang a Nazi flag in your window in Germany, you will be arrested.

Some say these statues honor men who fought and died for what they believed in.

This goes far beyond Democrats VS Republicans, blacks VS whites, conservatives VS liberals.

People, our country is dangerously at risk right now. What are you prepared to do about it to preserve our Constitution and Freedom?

TBC . . . I'm sure

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