Why The Anger? Hanson Nails It

The ideology of the ruling elite is disconnected from reality and it's hurting all of us

Have you ever wondered why there’s so much political turmoil in Europe and the U.S.? The Mainstream Media and the Left keep telling you it’s all about the “deplorable” Donald Trump and the racist xenophopes on the “Far- Right.” But you know that’s a false narrative, right? Victor Davis Hanson explodes this myth in his latest piece: Why Are theWestern Middle Classes So Angry? Hanson is an incredibly gifted historian and columnist with an impeccable resume and this is a must read piece.

He describes the rise of nationalism - with a little “n” - in Europe, Australia and the United States. He lays the blame for this at the feet of the ruling elites whose ideology is divorced from practical reality. He gives us several examples:

One, illegal immigration and open borders have led to chaos. Lax immigration policies have taxed social services and fueled multicultural identity politics, often to the benefit of boutique leftist political agendas.

Two, globalization enriched the cosmopolitan elites who found worldwide markets for their various services. New global markets and commerce meant Western nations outsourced, offshored and ignored their own industries and manufacturing (or anything dependent on muscular labor that could be replaced by cheaper workers abroad).

Three, unelected bureaucrats multiplied and vastly increased their power over private citizens. The targeted middle classes lacked the resources to fight back against the royal armies of tenured regulators, planners, auditors, inspectors and adjustors who could not be fired and were never accountable.

Four, the new global media reached billions and indoctrinated rather than reported.

Five, academia became politicized as a shrill agent of cultural transformation rather than focusing on education -- while charging more for less learning.

Six, utopian social planning increased housing, energy and transportation costs.

Hanson’s list absolutely identifies the core issues of our discontent, doesn’t he? He lays the blame for this at the feet of the elite big government and elitist Left. Hanson says that they alone are in a position to pay the outrageous taxes and for the the social and economic side effects that their policies create. They still fly their private jets, send their kids to private school to avoid the mess they’ve made of our public schools, and they are largely unaffected by their open border, easy citizenship policies that have created higher unemployment and lower wages for the lowest earning Americans.

There is no better example of this than the failure of the UK government to deliver the Brexit that its citizens voted for in the referendum Three years ago! First, people were toldthat the voters who voted for Brexit were less educated, racist, far right nationalists as an excuse for the elites to drag their feet. Then, people were told that the Brexit they voted for meant that there had to be a “deal” made with the EU, etc.

Listen, I spend a lot of time in the UK and I can tell you that it is a very pluralistic society and in some ways greater in their success in that regard than the US. However, the schools and the National Health Service have been overrun by immigration allowed by the EU. Wages have been stagnant for lower income workers. Additionally there is a double layer of regulation because the UK must comply with EU laws made in Brussels by bureaucrats no one knows. The condescension and disapproval from the “Remainers” is palpable.

In the rest of Europe, countries are struggling to keep up with the influx of African refugees from Libya (thanks Obama and Hillary) and Syria (thanks Obama and Kerry). The virtue signaling Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel invited them all to Germany. And RSVP they did, risking their lives to get to Europe. Places like France, Greece and Italy have been overrun and have migrant camps. There has been a decided move to the Right in Europe. It was nice of Merkel to speak for all other European countries, wasn’t it?

Sound familiar? In the US we have a cabal of the elitist left and establishment Washington that has spent almost 3 years fighting against the legally elected President. These people prefer to take the side of the illegal immigrant and refuse to use a points system for legal immigration. In this way, our elites have sided with foreigners over their own people by allowing overcrowded schools, health care and stagnant wages at the lower income level.

They’re not choosing foreigners over citizens? Well, you tell me.

So sure, peoples who feel that their government isn’t listening will continue to be discontented. We're in for a lot of conflict going forward. Hanson, ends with this sobering thought:

Because elites have no answers to popular furor, the anger directed at them will only increase until they give up -- or finally succeed in their grand agenda of a non-democratic, all-powerful Orwellian state.

Well said, Man. Read Hanson’s essay if you can. It’s worth your time.