When will America and the Western World Wake Up???

Just hours ago in Nice France

Islamists drove a large cargo truck through the packed streets of the city during a Bastille Day celebration. The social media world exploded with new hashtags #PrayForNice #NiceFrance and others. People all over the western world screaming their outrage in 140 characters or less. While social media is absolutely useful in breaking news stories, spreading ideas, and expressing your outrage isn’t time we in the western world stop sitting back shagging our way through one attack after another and actually do something about it. It has become incredibly, and depressingly clear over the last few years that our leadership in the western countries, the US, Canada, UK, and the EU, are not only woefully incapable of summoning the leadership the world needs, but even worse, they are actively working against the preservation of all of western society. With open borders in the EU, victim blaming when bands of Muslim men gang rape our women, to the outright justification and defense of Islam even when ALL evidence shows that Islam is anything but a religion or nation of peace. From misguided gun control speeches, and lecturing police at a memorial service for 5 fallen officers in the US, to handing out bracelets to somehow discourage rape in Sweden our leadership have completely failed to do their most fundamental job. PROTECT THE PEOPLE OF YOUR NATION.

This war is now in every corner of the western world, and we need to wake up and realize that this fight isn’t going away. Wake up and realize that we, the citizens, are completely on our own because our leaders fail to even recognize and name the problem for what it is. Islam has no mercy for different beliefs, no value of life for women, they believe its “compassionate” to murder homosexuals. They are called by their ideology to kill all who refuse to submit to their Sharia Law. It seems that most Americans think we are safe from this evil ideology, but trust when I tell you we are not. The terror attacks in Ft. Hood, the Boston Marathon, San Bernardino, and Orlando were just the beginning, the tip of the iceberg. It’s going to get worse. Look all over Europe, thousands of prosecuted rapes, hundreds being killed in the streets, shootings, and bombing will all soon be here too.

When will the west say ‘enough is enough!’ when will we realize that this isn’t a fight you can sit back and watch unfold waiting for a side to win. This is a fight that must be taken to the enemy. After 9-11 I remember President Bush saying “we need to fight them over there, so we don’t have to fight them here.” Well thanks to the last 8 years of Lefist policy being played out on the world stage, the fight is now here. In our towns, our cities. The fight is in our schools, and the parks where our children play. This is not a time for “tolerance, unity, and love,” as A.G. Loretta Lynch said after the Orlando attack. This is a time to realize how right Dean Rusk was when he said “Appeasement only makes the aggressor more aggressive.”

The Islamic attacks on the western world aren’t micro-aggression’s where you only feel aggressed, there is no safe space filled with stuffed animals and puppy bowl on repeat on the TV that will protect any of us from this relentless march of hatred and terror. Only by standing up, as one, with a loud and single voice can we say ‘NO MORE’ and only as one single movement against the Islamic ideology prepared to fight using any tactics and weapons at our disposal will we ever regain our security and our freedom to live our lives how we choose.

It’s time to stand up, lock and load, and take our countries back!

-The Mid `Merican