We Should Overturn the Senate #SB276

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Breaking News Gavin and Jennifer Newson Don Not Vaccinate Their Own Children Reportedly

Italy Overturns Government

Merck Whistleblower

NBC Caught Faking Measles Pic

Bob Zajac Dr. Critical of Vaccines Says Parents know More than He does

Polio Staged Photo/Smithsonian

At first glance, this image shocks and saddens from the enormity of the problem of sick children in need of iron lungs. On closer examination, it is clear that the equipment that usually accompanied people using iron lungs, such as tracheotomy tubes and pumps and tank side tables, is not present (compare the picture to photographs in the section on the iron lung). This scene was staged for a film. It is not historically accurate as a respirator ward, but is an example of an established photographic technique (famously used, for example, by WPA photographers in the 1930s) of directing the viewer’s response by creating a shot that would not naturally occur.

So you think Vaccines eradicated Smallpox?

There is no proof to back that up it is a myth

Leicester : Sanitation Versus Vaccination It’s vital statistics compared with those of other towns, the army, navy Japan England and Wales (Book About Small Pox)

Dr Suzanne Humphries MD Smallpox 1797-2005


Ep 09- Vaccines Eradicated Small Pox? Part 1 [My Incredible Opinion]

Polio Picture Staged

Historical data suggest that smallpox is not highly transmissible, and high population densities are required to sustain transmission. Persons who have close, prolonged contact with an infected patient are at highest risk.

Patients are most infectious during the first week of the rash when viral shedding is greatest from ulcerated lesions in the oral mucosa. The overall mortality rate is about 30%, with most deaths occurring during the second week of illness.

Measles Vaccine is Bullshit too

99.9% vaccine rate ye 700 plus Measles Outbreaks

Alfred Russel Wallace and the Antivaccination Movement in Victorian England (Evolutionary Biologist who is an anti-vaxxer)


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