We Are In A World Of…

Do you remember the famous bathroom scene in the movie Full Metal Jacket?

You know, the one where the platoon is spending its last night in their barracks on Paris Island; Private Joker is on night patrol when he hears a noise in the latrine and finds Private Pyle sitting on a toilet with a gun on his lap? He says: “Lenny (Pyle), we’re gonna be in a world of s**t if Hartman (their drill Sargent) finds us.” Pyle replies: “I am in a world of s**t Joker.”

Well, America, dig this: we are in a world of s**t too and our tone-deaf political elite and their toadies in the media have put us there (this means you too Fox News).

Our news

Have you ever gone through the exercise of trying to find some source of objective news? I mean -really? I spend most nights with the remote in my hand flipping between Fox, MSNBC, CNN, PBS and the BBC, and I am slowly being driven mad. I feel like Goldilocks in search of porridge that is just right. Each network is like dropping into an alternative universe.

The basic format is the same. Once in a great while, the news is actually reported, usually just one or max, two stories at most for a minute. Then, they go to one or two pundits who argue about the story’s political ramifications.

The other format is the opinion panel of punditry where a snarky host steers a “fair” discussion of politics the way they want to portray it anyway. Think about it; have you ever heard anyone on these news and opinion shows say something like: “I don’t know Bill, I haven’t thought about it that way before, that’s very interesting.”

Not bloody likely.

Here’s my advice: Instead of boycotting the NFL, boycott the usual news organizations and look for objective reporting somewhere else, or at the very least, a source that is not overly subjective. I’ve found one and I want to share it with you: One America Network (OAN).

Look for them everywhere but Comcast (owned by NBC hmm). Warning for Liberals: they were set up as an alternative to Fox News and they do conservative opinion content in the evening. However, I have checked them out during the day and they are absolutely…refreshingly…Objective. All they do is report story after story from around the U.S. and the world. I love watching news where no one tells me what to think.

Don’t be scared; try it. I’m open to other suggestions and I will share the good ones with Political Storm’s readers.

Our political leaders

Look, the political elite and the bureaucrats in Washington are actually in the middle of a shocking struggle to hold onto their beloved swamp. Since Trump’s election, there has been unprecedented leaking of news that has turned out to be untrue using anonymous sources. No one ever goes on the record.

Meanwhile, Senator Bob Corker (R. TN) started a feud on Twitter with the President. Corker was quoted as saying that Trump is unfit to be President and that Republicans are in open rebellion to stop anything he does. Corker confirms that the Republican leadership is openly trying to nullify Trump’s election.

Did you ever wonder why none of Trump’s agenda gets passed even though the Republicans control Congress?

On the other side, The Democrats have simply watched them do it. They have presented no alternative plans or policy, proving that they too are devoid of leadership ability and don’t really care very much about the issues facing America.

President Trump is the legally elected President. Spare me the Russian hacking scandal. Yeah, they tried to disrupt us – they always have. As the late Joan Rivers used to say: “ Oh grow up!” Our government has done the same to Russia whenever they can get away with it. Heck, Obama openly tried to interfere in the last Israeli election.

There was no collusion with Trump’s campaign and Russia and the so-called dossier was faked. All of these stories started in the waning days of the Obama Administration. Can we please move on to actual governance?

The President is rough around the edges, but his general policy vision for America is sound

Eight years of President Obama’s progressive policies have left our health care in a shambles and business straight-jacketed by regulation and among the highest corporate tax rate in the world Our economic growth since the Great Recession lagged when compared with any other recovery in American history.

President Obama, John Kerry and Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy strategy of leading from behind and their lack of support for Eastern Europe emboldened our traditional enemies, including Russia. And they too kicked the North Korea can down the road.

We need many of Trump’s policies to proceed; lower taxes for corporations, less regulation, a consistent immigration policy that secures our borders and a firm foreign policy.

Forget all the noise; turn off Twitter and the Mainstream Media. Pay attention to the Stock Market and jobs growth. They are real indicators of what financial people and creators of jobs think of the potential of Trump’s pro-growth agenda.

We really can’t afford the saloon fight style of the Washington establishment, their supporters in the Deep State, or their toadies in the biased press. If Trump fails we’re in serious trouble on many fronts.

It’s time for our leaders to grow up. We’re on the precipice of a world of s**t.

Jon Saltzman is the Publisher of Political Storm and he hates opinion only news.


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