Washington Freaks Out

We should pay heed to Sen. Sasse (R. NE) who explains why our Supreme Court nomination hearings have gone off the rails.

Just when you think it can’t get any weirder, Bob Woodward comes out with a damning portrayal of Donald Trump and the Democrats freak out at the Senate confirmation hearings for Judge Kavanaugh. We were also treated to numerous protesters shouting in the background at the hearings. Many were dressed as the breeder women from The Handmaid’s Tale. Meanwhile, the New York Times ran an op-ed from an “anonymous” source, who says that he is a senior official in the Trump Administration and working for the “resistance” from the inside.

Is the Woodward book, the anonymous op-ed or the well-rehearsed Democrat browbeating and speechmaking against Trump (through Kavanaugh)in the hearings a coincidence? How about the staged demonstrations? You tell me.

With the Midterm elections looming and the reality of Russian Collusion investigation dragging on, the anti - Trump forces are out for blood. They want him gone. They want to nullify the votes of 60 million Americans and to overturn the election of 2016 and nothing less will satisfy those people. They are growing impatient. None of their tactics have worked so far. They are beyond frustrated.

They’re freaking out

Enter Sen. Ben Sasse (R. NE). On Tuesday, the first day of the hearings, he provided the explanation of the phenomenon we’re witnessing during his comments. In doing so, he schooled a lot of people who need to brush up on their knowledge of U.S. government. Here's the video of his statement. It's about 10 minutes long and should be played in every school.

If you don't have time to see the video. I'll paraphrase: He said that these Supreme Court hearings now follow a predictable pattern because Congress has punted their power to the judiciary by not legislating, thus making the Supreme Court an almost legislative body. As a result, we have a real imbalance of power where the people who were elected to govern aren’t governing and they’ve ceded their duties to the Executive Branch and the Judicial Branch. It’s why the Courts and the President have become overly powerful.

There’s another factor at play according to Sasse, and that’s the permanent Washington bureaucracy, the many agencies that run America’s everyday business and carry out the policies of our leaders.

But what if they don’t?

What if they have a steady agenda of their own? It’s already clear from the whispering campaign in Washington against the upstart outsider, President Donald Trump, who dared to defy the status quo and who wouldn’t shut up and let them go on with their business. They don’t care about your vote, they only care about running the show.

So there is an unofficial but very real, fourth branch of government that has developed into a monster - the “Swamp” or if you prefer, the “Deep State.” The Swamp is not something made up by the crazed mind of Donald Trump, it’s real and it’s a danger to our country. America is supposed to be run by representatives of the people. But instead, we have thousands of bureaucrats and political appointees. They are the officials who run the activity of government behind the scenes and who are not elected by us.

It’s clear that the leftovers from previous administrations are now doing everything in their power to nullify President Trump. Why else would there be so much leaking? Why would some “official” in the Trump organization has taken it upon himself to save us from Trump. Who elected this self-appointed anonymous hero?

See, the Swamp has also sucked in all of those long-term legislators and officials and lobbyists who like things the way they are: profitable and under control.

Trump represents an existential danger to their cozy way of life.

Hence, this sickening spectacle is being played out right in front of our faces - out in the open. Washington disrespects us that much.

Believe it.

We depend on our elected representatives to do our bidding within the framework of the constitution. America is a constitutional republic; we are not a democracy. America was never intended to be ruled by either the mob or by unelected, lifetime bureaucrats.

Thank you Senator Sasse for pointing that out.

Jon Saltzman is the Publisher and Senior Editor of Political Storm

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I had to watch Sen. Sasse's segment three times because it was so powerful and beautifully put. He understands the essence of democracy and that unfettered power shouldn't be given to unelected bureaucrats ... the people should be able to choose!

JP Mac
JP Mac


Sen Sasse is right in everything he says, that the legislative branch has ceded too much power to the executive branch. One major point that he has missed is that all the while the federal courts have usurped power from both branches. The injunction that delayed the implementation of Trump's travel ban is one such example of the courts meddling in executive branch decisions. SCOTUS' recent ruling stating that states and municipalities can collect sales tax for good bought online from retailers outside their jurisdictions would seem to clearly to infringe on Congress right to determine tax regulation nationally.