Twitter Protects Election Integrity... by Banning Sargon & Tommy Robinson

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Twitter Protects Election Integrity... by Banning Sargon & Tommy Robinson’s Campaign Accounts

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Items referenced:

Tim Pool, Jack Dorsey and Vijaya Gadde on Joe Rogan's show:

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Twitter bans Tommy Robinson and UKIP candidate Carl Benjamin's campaign accounts:

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Guardian article about Tommy Robinson:

Sargon's personal Twitter ban:

Tommy's personal Twitter suspension:

And permanent ban:

Twitter says Carl Benjamin evaded suspension policy:

Carl Benjamin's personal use disputed:

Twitter's 'newsworthy' policy:

Jack explains why Trump isn't banned:

Twitter has no obligation to host Carl or Tommy:

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The Happy Hamster
The Happy Hamster

Twitter seems to be showing its true colors. Is that good or bad? I guess it depends on which side you're on.



This censorship is getting out of hand. Hopefully this inspires people to search for this ... 'forbidden content.'