Trump to be Interviewed by Mueller & CNN Promotes Cuckoldry?!

Mueller can smell the blood in the water as the interview nears... Plus CNN unapologetically promotes sexual deviancy...

Hello all! Thanks again for stopping by for the 41st Episode of the 'Let's Talk Headlines' Series. Today we discuss the news surrounding Trump being interviewed by Mueller! Also, we shortly touch on Trump's trip to Davos Switzerland that turned out better than most expected. Finally we expound on a CNN article where they promote sexual deviancy, infidelity, and fulfilling a very strange fantasy. You can't make this stuff up!

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Jon Saltzman
Jon Saltzman


Great podcast! I really liked your description of Trump as "fearless" and the dichotomy of how he's portrayed in the media and how he really is perceived in person. I wish I'd written that J!