Trump on Gun Control: 4D Chess or Betrayal?


There is a story that comes from the Bible of an Israelite man by the name of Samson. If you attended church growing up, chances are you’ve heard the name. Samson is generally known for being blessed by God with incredible strength. The Bible tells of a time he was attacked by a lion and was able to tear it apart with his bare hands. In another part of the story, Samson was in Gaza when and he ripped huge city gates right off the hinges and carried them on his shoulders to the top of a hill. Probably one of the most iconic stories of Samson is when he used a donkey’s jawbone to slay a thousand Philistines. Whether you take these biblical accounts as fiction or reality, one thing is certain: Samson was a titan. He was a champion of the Israelite people who gave them hope through his strength.

On January 20, 2017 the Republican party, and conservatives at large, were given a titan of their own: Donald J. Trump. Now let’s not get ahead of ourselves here because President Trump, unlike Samson, would probably get mauled by an attacking lion. Chances are he would possibly snap his back if he attempted to rip his bedroom door off it’s hinges, let alone city gates. And if there were a thousand enemies attacking him—I’m positive his first defensive weapon wouldn’t be a donkey's jawbone. Let’s establish that although the President was given a clean bill of health, he is by no means the physical titan of the Republican party—he was elected because he was recognized as an ideological titan of the political right.

There has been a chorus of concerns sung by conservatives who had seen the recent televised meeting between the President, Republicans and Democrats on gun control. California Senator Diane Feinstein was gleeful when the President stated he would be open to implementing her ideas on gun control in the developing bill. It should be noted that Feinstein is an unapologetic advocate for a full semi-automatic rifle ban. Republicans looked on wearily as the President, who appeared magnanimous towards the Democrat gun agenda, seemed to ignore the reserved and restrained nature that typically characterizes a conservative.

The confusion and concern that emanates from the political right stems, in part, from Trump’s assurance to his base that the Second Amendment would be safe under his Presidency during, not only CPAC 2018 but, his entire Presidential campaign. Some criticism states that the President, being tired of negative news coverage, wanted the meeting televised to show the world how compromising he could be with the opposition in hopes of finally getting some good press. Other analysis states that Trump is utilizing the same four dimensional, underwater, upside down chess tactics with gun control, a highly partisan issue, as used with DACA. The tactic consisted of being overly generous with the number of DACA beneficiaries he would ultimately grant citizenship to, while still pushing for border wall funding. This allowed him to optically outmaneuver the supposed champions of illegal immigration by appearing to go farther with his generosity than any previous Democrat President. This plan successfully undermined most of the media’s empty claims against the President as being discriminatory to immigrants, and ultimately placed the burden of action upon the Democrats—who of course ended up short. There is a possibility Trump could be advocating that Democrats put forth their contributions to the gun control bill knowing that such extreme suggestions wouldn’t even get past the house. Although there are a myriad of opinions on what President Trump could be scheming, all seem to agree that he is taking a yuge risk.

Let’s bring our attention back to Samson for a moment. The secret of Samson’s strength was found in his hair. Samson was directed by God not to cut his hair lest he lose his magnificent might. The Philistines, after experiencing crushing defeat by Samson, directed Samson’s lover, Delilah, to find out the source of his strength and report back to them. Samson, blinded by his infatuation with the enemy’s pawn, eventually gave up his secret. The enemy cut his hair, removed his eyes, and humiliated him publicly. The story ends with Samson dying a horrible death but not before taking thousands of Philistines with him.

You may be wondering: “How on earth does the story of Samson tie in with President Trump and gun control? Let me explain.

Most conservatives are proud of the work the President has done thus far. He has stayed true to his agenda and continues to fight for a nation where power belongs to the people instead of unelected bureaucrats. There is no doubt that he has produced the conservative dream since he first took office in terms of tax reform, deconstruction of Obamacare, the Supreme Court pick, and much more; nevertheless, conservatives are watching how reverently the President handles the Constitution with cautious eyes.

President Trump's agenda is the source of his strength. Like Samson, the President must decide between remaining loyal to his agenda, or bending a knee to the pressure of the opposition’s attack on the Second Amendment. Ever since he became a plausible candidate for the Presidency, Trump has been facing unhinged hatred, murderous rhetoric, and misleading news coverage with no end in sight. The temptation to appease the opposition in exchange for the possibility of fair coverage must grow greater with each passing day-- but to what end? If the President’s conciliation towards the Democrats and gun control is fueled by a potential cease fire between the mainstream media and himself—I urge him to consider how Samson ended up when he cast loyalty aside and surrendered his strength to the enemy.

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Pat Greer
Pat Greer


His agenda powers the machine that is his party base. He has kept a steady low-mid 30's approval rating which is exactly the percentage his base makes up of the population. Throw in a few defecting republicans and democrats and he will easily win in 2020.