Trump Hating Trumps DACA in D.C. Sh*thole

The Democrats, Political Elite in Washington and The MSM would rather bash President Trump than do anything about DACA.

Cognitive dissonance is a psychology term that means that people go out of their way to seek consistency in their beliefs or perceptions. In other words, they seek to affirm their existing beliefs even when confronted by an alternate reality that might contradict those beliefs. Example: Democrats and Trump haters’ reaction to Donald Trump’s willingness to compromise on DACA and Immigration reform if Democrats would only meet his demand that “The Wall” be built or at least we be serious about shutting down illegal immigration.

After witnessing the blind hatred of the Left and it’s minions in the press over Trump’s crude attempt to say that America should try to make it’s immigration policy a net positive by bringing in more people who would be less of a drain on our resources - the now famous “sh*thole” comment, I can only conclude that Democrats prefer to hate Trump than create bipartisan legislation and actually do something positive about immigration.

What’s the evidence of that? Well, how about that after a bipartisan meeting with Trump, Senator Dick Durbin (D. Ill) decided to leak a crude comment from Trump, calculating the headlines rather than trying to actually work with the group trying to hammer out compromises on immigration policy? Democrats had Trump in a mood to compromise but chose the low road instead. So did their toadies in the Mainstream Media. They went crazy calling Trump a racist and a Nazi.

Every time the President acts like he’s an amateur politician (which he is), and commits some faux pas (which he does), the Chicken Little’s at CNN and the Left go crazy with Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS). It’s so automatic and predictable that it’s impossible for me to take seriously.

Now let’s turn to another despicable villain in the sh*thole incident, Senator Lindsay Graham (R. SC). Here’s a guy who from the beginning was a “Never Trump” Republican. He’s also one of the “Gang of Six.” a bi-partisan subgroup of Congress that includes Dick Durbin. Hmmm… What’s his game? Why would he try to derail these immigration talks by speaking out of school?

Listen, people, there hasn’t been a President of The United States who hasn’t said stupid things in private conversations. In fact, there isn’t a CEO who isn’t guilty of that either (believe me I know, I was one). In fact, no executive could get anything done if every word they said stupidly or in anger was leaked to the press. No President has ever had to sustain this kind of disruptive subversion.

And now we’re back to cognitive dissonance. After the much ballyhooed televised meeting that Trump held in the Whitehouse with a bipartisan group from Congress. Even Wolf Blitzer was impressed with Trump - for a minute. He praised him for opening up a dialogue on immigration. But wait, that couldn’t last because it conflicted with the “Trump Hater” narrative about the crazy racist in the Whitehouse. Durbin and Graham had to remind us of the narrative. Because if Trump wasn’t nuts or a racist, he might actually…be right and that can’t stand, can it?

See, every time Donald Trump has a triumph like tax reform or opening negotiations on immigration reform, he gets accused of being self-destructive and committing some grievous error and bringing the discussion back to what a jerk he is. That’s the narrative.

However, what if it’s the Trump haters on the Left, the Capital Hill Establishment and the Mainstream Media that are driving all of this negative Trump narrative? And what if it’s group think psychology that’s keeping us from recognizing real progress?

On Friday after the Sh*thole incident, I received my daily email from The Week which is titled “10 things you need to know today.” This is a good thing to get because it lets you know what the Left is thinking about each day. This was number 1:

So on Monday, The Week led their daily email with the following headline at number one (the only difference from Friday was that they now blamed Trump for the impending government shutdown!):

Yeah, I guess that’s one way to look at it. Here’s my alternative headline: Durbin and Graham Derail Immigration Talks By Leaking Trump Remark: Dreamers Lives Hang In The Balance.

Meanwhile, the lives of people who were brought here as babies and kids, who have been raised as Americans are imperiled while Trump haters and the Washington elite play reindeer games.

Move over, Haiti, Africa and Wherever Else, The Capitol Building is the real sh*thole.

Jon Saltzman is the Publisher and Senior Editor of Political Storm