Trump And The American Voters Learn A Lesson

Once the Clinton Machine, The WA Political Elite & their Orwellian propaganda forces get rolling, there’s no stop

The relentless barrage that Donald Trump has taken over the course of his campaign from last year until now has been neverending. They may have finally gotten him with the latest “sexual predator” narrative.

The Donald and his deplorable minions dared to take on the establishment in Washington, New York, and LA. They dared to go against the narrative. It was Hillary’s turn, the first female president of the United States. The narrative in 2008 was for Barack Obama to be the first African-American president, forcing her out, then. Nothing will stop her, now!

Let the record show that Trump scared the elites very badly, why else would their partners in the media have covered the election in such a comically one-sided manner? They had to defend the status quo. Would Hillary have been strong enough on her own? Nope.

Let the record also show that the last two things that finally may have finished Trump were a (most likely) illegally-obtained piece of his tax return and an illegally-taped conversation.

If you take the time to watch the video by Stefan Molyneux, posted recently by Monty Chase in the blogging section on Political Storm called “Into The Storm,” you’ll hear a real-world discussion about all powerful males like JFK, FDR, LBJ, Bill Clinton… and Trump.

By midweek this week, the mantra of “sexual predator” had gained momentum. Women who had never spoken up before came out of the woodwork. Women even reported groping incidents at Trump’s Palm Beach club, Mar-A-Lago. Sources close to that place tell me there has never even been the whisper of a rumor of that kind of behavior by Trump at his club and Florida home.

“Trump…Trump…Trump…” Where is the media coverage of the recent Wikileaks release of more of the John Podesta, Clinton campaign chairman, private emails? Those emails demonstrate Hillary Clinton’s and her staff’s disdain for much of the American public, Trump and Sanders supporters, Catholics, Latinos and Evangelical Christians. Clinton clearly has little time for “everyday Americans.”

Just yesterday, Bill Clinton described Trump supporters as “rednecks.” That’s respecting the opposition, isn’t it?

This is what the elite in Washington think of the average American. Let that sink in.

So… Donald Trump. He’s what used to be called a “playboy. ” He’s had good years and bad in business and made and lost and made again a fortune. Unlike Hillary Clinton and many in the Washington political establishment, his childhood dream wasn’t to be president and he didn’t craft his life in that direction. He really doesn’t have a lot of secrets; they’re all out there. Hell, he’s bragged about a lot of stuff in his books. He was a fairly regular guest on The Howard Stern Show.

But, a couple of years ago, he may have looked at a country that’s averaged less than 2% GDP growth since the Great Recession. He saw an Obama Administration that turned a blind eye to our porous borders and who, in his estimation, has made a bad foreign trade treaty in the Pacific.

He starts running for president and he suddenly finds that a very large number of Americans – you know, the “Basket of Deplorables” – are captivated by his straightforward, un-politically-correct message. He gains momentum…and he starts filling stadiums with followers. They believe he can’t be “bought” like other politicians. These Republicans and others he attracts, like that he will take action on illegal immigration, unlike their own party in Washington and certainly unlike the Democrats.

With horror, the Republican establishment watches as his popularity grows. He wins more votes than any one single candidate ever has in a Republican primary and he creates excitement and TV ratings for Republican debates.

But the mainstream media defines him and it becomes the narrative. He’s a “racist, misogynistic xenophobe.” The insults bounce off him. More Republicans vote in the primaries than ever before. Trump began to believe he was actually in the race to be president and that, if he had a large number of people behind him, he could win.

Well that’s clearly not going to happen, now, is it? The political establishment, made up of both Democrats and Republicans in Washington, can’t let that happen. They have a club that’s feeding at the government trough and they don’t let outsiders in…

And they don’t have much respect for the average American… full stop.

But Trump got close – real close.

How do we know? By the shrill narrative that comes blasting through the Establishment Media everyday, 24-7, and how far they are willing to go to take Trump down.

But they ignore the corruption of the Clintons. Why? Well, could it be that they’re members of the Washington club, too? Even the disgraceful Republican leadership want a Clinton presidency over Trump. Yeah, they’re also in the Washington Club.

And the fact that the Clinton campaign is basing their entire campaign to defeat Trump on mudslinging rather than sound policy arguments, tells us all we need to know about how close the election is or, maybe, was.

A lot of Americans, and The Donald himself, have been duped. They thought the citizens were in charge of America. They thought they could vote for change and that their vote made a difference. They believed they were free to decide. How foolish and childishly naïve.

The Club in Washington doesn’t want it that way. Get it? They’ll do anything to stay at the trough of power, including create an America that is unrecognizable to its own people.