Time To Face The Facts

Sometimes, where there’s smoke, there really is fire. In this case there may be an inferno.

I call your attention to a video posted to Political Storm by contributor, Monte Chase. Thanks, Monte, we all need to take a look at this. The video was created by the Irish-born Canadian blogger, Stefan Molyneux as part of his podcast known as “Freedom Radio.” It’s titled: The Truth About the Hillary Clinton FBI Investigation and it will rock your world, whether you believe she is indictable, whether you are agnostic on the issue or if you are a Hillary Clinton believer.

It rocked mine. I urge you to watch it and form your own opinion.

Molyneux simply reads aloud the FBI findings released, occasionally adding a dry editorial comment. But it’s the matter-of-fact tone that makes the video so impactful. It’s just the facts. That is what makes it so damning.

You see, the State Department chose to release the FBI Report on the Friday afternoon just before a holiday weekend, in this case, Labor Day. The weekend when we cling to the waning days of summer, when many parents are separated from their college age kids for the first time, when school starts the next week, or the office is full for the first time in awhile.

You know, when we’re all paying rapt attention to politics and government…

And this year, there was the additional distraction of a hurricane hugging the East Coast where 44 million people could be affected. The only rational explanation of this is that our “betters” in government don’t want a major public reaction to the news they are delivering.

But I think you do need to know about this, so here are some of the takeaways from the video by Molyneux:

1.Hillary Clinton signed a document that she had been trained in and understood how to deal with confidential State Department matters.

2.She began using private email and an email server and storage from the beginning of her tenure at State.

3.Colin Powell, former Secretary of State, did tell her that he used a private email account for private emails, but that she should not use them for State business. And we’re hearing about this right now from Clinton surrogates as part of the “he did it first” defense. He didn’t, not the way she did. She took it to a whole new level.
But, and this is a very big fat “but,” not only did Powell warn her not to put State Department documents in her private system, but when the FBI questioned Hillary about it, she stated that “it (Powell’s comments) didn’t factor into her decision” to use a private server and private email.

4.There’s a lot of back and forth about what was confidential or classified or where things were stored but there’s a clear pattern of something very wrong about how these important documents were being handled.

5.Someone scrubbed the email server just 2 days before it was delivered to the House Committee on Benghazi. It had been ordered there by subpoena.

6.By passing all of these emails around from the private server to the Benghazi committee they passed through “the Cloud” twice. So much for tight security.

7.The original Apple laptop that the emails were stored on was reported missing and has never been found.

8.There is a State Department requirement that all State Department employees who travel outside the continental United States may not use unsecured mobile devices, obviously because it’s easy to eavesdrop on communications from these devices. Clinton and her staff used unsecured devices. Not only that, but, while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State, she used 13 blackberries and 5 Ipads. All unsecured.

9.Clinton’s staff sent State Department emails, confidential or not, using the private server passing through normal unsecured Gmail accounts.

10.There were 37 things that Hillary Clinton “couldn’t recall” during her questioning. They included: whether or not she was briefed on how to handle sensitive State Department documents; whether or not employees other than Huma had private email accounts; whether or not Hillary created private accounts or knew how to erase documents; whether or not data was destroyed when she changed to new phones and ipads.
Finally, as Molyneux says: “and much, much more!”

The FBI’s final conclusion was that there was no criminal intent by Clinton or her staff and that no charges would therefore be filed. FBI Director James Comey did say that there was a pattern of “extreme carelessness” in the Clinton State department with regard to the handling of sensitive communications, but nothing illegal.

Fair enough, let’s, for argument’s sake, stipulate that Hillary Clinton did nothing illegal. What are we left with? Wanton carelessness? An arrogant attitude where Clinton felt she was above the rules and that the rules of mere mortals just didn’t apply to her? Was she just too lazy to figure out the procedures at State? Or was she simply incompetent in the management of this crucial government department?

Whatever way Democrats or Republicans spin this – incompetence matters. It’s not a pretty picture. My view based on these transcripts is that Hillary Clinton is not qualified to be president. The FBI transcripts as laid out in the Molyneux video pushed me over the edge.

As you muddle through the FBI transcripts and the video, please remember what the late Senator Moynihan of New York said: “Everyone is entitled to his own opinions but not his own facts.”