Thoughts On Two Flawed Candidates

What are we to make of America’s choice between the two major party candidates for president

The monumentally flawed Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump?

I concede that we can also choose from among these two and Gary Johnson (Libertarian) and Jill Stein (Green Party), but, at this moment, it appears unlikely that either Johnson or Stein will prevail in November. Besides, will the media ever say enough about them to pique widespread interest?


I also feel the pain of Bernie Sanders’ supporters. Sorry, Bernstock Nation, the Clinton machine and their braying minions in the media have this one all sewn up.

So, let’s start with Clinton, but let’s not get into the usual secret, non-secure email server discussion. It appears that, for now, the Obama Justice Department has her back on that one. Instead, let’s talk about something that she did that was completely legal: soliciting and receiving funds for the Clinton Foundation from Middle Eastern countries, which are notorious for their suppression of women’s rights and brutal punishment of gay people.

You can look it up. It’s been reported on vigorously since last year. Some reports go even further back to when Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State. There are disputed numbers everywhere, depending on what you read. I’m going with a McClatchy DC report from April 6, 2015.

Why McClatchy DC? They are neither hysterically defending nor attacking the Clintons and McClatchy reports the lowest donation numbers out there. For those reasons, theirs is likely the fairest assessment.

Here’s the list of donors to the Clinton Foundation from the Middle East:

1.Saudi Arabia, $10-25 million

2.Qatar $1-5 million

3.Oman $ 1-5 million

4.UAE $ 1-5 million

The suppression of women in these places and other Middle Eastern countries is legendary and been documented by many. Moreover, the penalties for anyone caught in a homosexual act in the countries documented by McClatchy range from six months in prison to death by stoning. That’s true of all of the additional countries from the Middle East that are also alleged to have been Clinton Foundation donors.

By the way, as McClatchy points out, Saudi Arabia and the other countries above apparently don’t give to Oxfam or Doctors Without Borders or most other famous international charities. Could it be that those charities weren’t founded by a former U.S. President and Secretary of State? Hmmm. Could be.

I bring this up to point out to Hillary supporters that they may have a conscience problem with this. I don’t ask whether or not the mainstream media has any conscience. That goes without saying, doesn’t it?

So the press has no problem ignoring this issue. Not so with Donald Trump, eh?

We know everything about The Donald in breathtaking detail. It’s all analyzed down to the ground.

We are inundated by reports of his billionaire status and his success as a “businessman, “ and sometimes his failures as one. The media narrative, 24-7, is businessman, businessman, businessman.

Here’s what you don’t hear, especially with the intrigue behind the Corey Lewandowski firing yesterday. Trump’s biggest flaw is that he doesn’t appear to listen to his closest advisors and he appears disorganized and undisciplined.

The Trump campaign can’t seem to get its act together. Part of the problem is the nature of the candidate himself, – he is completely undisciplined in his public utterances. His staff must be scurrying around cleaning up after him all the time.

But it’s not lack of discipline alone. Trump ran a spectacular, jaw-dropping campaign to seize control of the Republican nomination. Support him or not, he did just that – the like of which we may never see again.

Great leaders in business or government or anywhere, pick top people who may even be better than they are at some things and they listen to them. They also champion those people. We presume the Donald runs his business this way; his outward success would certainly indicate he does, doesn’t it?

Maybe that’s not his style. There’s no evidence that this so-called “successful businessman” actually runs his campaign this way. It violates every rule of long-term success in business.

The Clinton minions are making a lot of the fact that Hillary is the “UnDonald” and that’s why she should be President. But I’m personally tired of the “well, Hillary’s flawed, but so were other presidents” argument.

I’d like to believe in our next president. Is that too much to ask?

As for Trump, he’s no Hillary Clinton. But that’s not a real winning argument, either, folks. We have two flawed candidates. God help us all.