These Anti-Trump Narratives Could Make Your Head Explode: Two Examples

Jon Saltzman

This week I feel like the Lloyd Bridges character in that hilarious movie Airplane: “Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit drinking.” Here’s why- there seems to be some kind of zombie- like following of the anti -Trump narrative by the propaganda wing (a/k/a/ the Mainstream Media) of the Democrat party. It leaves me wondering if they or their followers even read what’s being written. Go and look at the comment sections following those articles and you can see their Trump despising narrative swallowed like so much Kool-Aid. Try it-I dare you.

It’s not pretty, is it? It makes my head hurt.

Now, imagine that you are the publisher of a non-partisan website like ours, and your job is to help create constructive dialogue from opposing, but thoughtful people. Now you’re getting why I feel like Lloyd Bridges.

So, as I scoured the writing of The Left, I found two egregious examples of dismissive stories about President Trump that are so one-sided that they really can’t be called news at all.

Example 1:The “Trump is such a buffoon and political neophyte” narrative.

This is a story about Trump complaining via Tweet about his Attorney General, Jeff Sessions who said that he would use the DOJ to investigate the alleged irregularities that have occurred in the DOJ under the Obama Administration. Trump, like many of us, doesn’t understand why the department under investigation should investigate itself. Seems logical…

However, The New York Times Article is simply another vehicle for the Trump bashing narrative. There are quotes from folks on the Left clutching their pearls and declaring that Trump knows nothing of how government works and he obviously isn’t a very good businessperson by using Twitter to chastise his subordinate (okay, the second is a good point).

The Times article makes Jeff Sessions, who they never liked, the hero of this typical anti-Trump piece.

But, the story’s writers, Peter Baker and Katie Benner, aren’t telling the whole story. Which is that much of the country and Congress believe that the alleged wrongdoing under the Obama DOJ, through the FBI’s actions are REAL and need to be looked at by a special counsel.

Their underlying assumption is that the Democrats’ Schiff Memo has already refuted these allegations, so the whole investigation is moot AND what a jerk Trump is, right?

Now read the comment section where every anti-Trump Times reader in America, writes their support of this narrative. Many even begin by saying that while they are no fans of the racist Jeff Sessions (well heck, that’s a given, right?), that buffoon Donald Trump makes him look like a statesman.

It’s all a bit sanctimonious, one-sided and silly. Especially if you read all viewpoints regularly and know that Trump ties the Left into knots while he gets his agenda done.

Example 2: The “That Trump - he’s a loose cannon and a looney tune” Narrative

After reading the New York Times, I ventured over to Vox, another of my “go-to” Liberal sites and they didn’t disappoint! I was greeted with this story headline: Trump’s madcap, unscripted gun control meeting with lawmakers, explained.

Now as an exercise, please DO NOT read that article yet. First, take the time to read the transcript of this important bi-partisan meeting that was set up like last month’s immigration summit that Trump chaired, before you read Vox contributor, Tara Golshan’s take on that meeting.

I did, and once again, like the immigration discussion, Trump comes across as in-charge, well-briefed executive. He takes on Republicans and Democrats equally and insists that action on guns and school safety is paramount. He appears to keep everyone on task and compromising when necessary for the good of the country.The Republicans and Democrats in the room seem to get their marching orders and genuinely appear to want to do a deal to get this done for us.

Why it almost makes you proud of our system.

Okay, now read the piece by Ms. Golshan. Really- I mean it; I’ll wait… And no peeking at the next paragraph!

The picture you get from Vox is one of an out of depth rube that lures the Republicans to the meeting and then sandbags them. Because as we all know (wink wink), the evil Republicans want our kids to get shot in school so they can run their campaigns on NRA cash. Furthermore, we know Trump has no redeeming value right?

But here’s the thing: when you actually READ the articles in this order, you might be forced to confront your own narrative or the one that’s been drilled into your head since the day after the presidential election by the Press-Wing of the Democrat Party.

I mean, after all, aren’t we damned sure that Trump is a stupid, nutty, dangerous fascist, racist Jerk? OMG what if we’re wrong?

I go after the Left in this piece, but we all know that the Right has it’s own narratives and Greek chorus in the comment sections too. Both the Right and the Left are guilty of the same thing. Their writers write the same old narratives, and the readers read the headlines only and regurgitate the same stuff over and over again in comments. The readers don’t read because if they actually did really read articles, it would rock their world sometimes.

Wake up folks and break the cycle. Why not read and watch the opposing view and think for yourselves? You can also listen to your friends with different political views - if you still have any.

Jon Saltzman is the Publisher and Senior Editor of Political Storm

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Thank you, Jon. Somebody needed to say it. The media is broken, we aren't getting information. It's dangerous to our republic to be so ill informed by our once trusted media. But propaganda gets clicks, so the news is mire interested in it monetarily. Glad to have sites like PS to fill the void left by the "news".