The Weekly Rundown September 8, 2018

That time of the week where I ration the portions of the most talked about stories of the week.


Why I Don't Want Trump re-elected

White Farmers in South Africa, Hunted, and Land Taken


Passion in Politics: Truther Talk w/ Pat Greer.

Do we need the government to tell us what meat means? Probably


The United States, Socialism & Concept Creep

Debunking Ben Shapiro's Free Will (Plus A Book Giveaway!)


Hey Hollywood, The First Man Was An American

FoxNews plants a flag of division between the American people and Ryan Gosling.

TUESDAY Happening!!)

New York AG Subpoenas Every Catholic Dioceses


Why The MAGA Boycott of Nike Really Doesnt Matter

My red pill story. #Walkaway