The Weekly Rundown September 15, 2018

Does anyone even read the story summary?!?


KAVANAUGH CONFIRMATION. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) drops a truth bomb saying that irrational Democrats would vote NO on Kavanaugh regardless of hearing results. Brought to you by JP Mac of Liberty Relearned


2020 Elections. Ethan Kelly of Let's Talk Elections imagines 2020 poll results for Trump if his approval ratings hit 55%.

CALIFORNIA. New bill makes electric bills higher for Californians due to recent wild fires, notes Zoon Politikon.


MOLLIE. Dire Wolf Media thinks Mollie Tibbets death can help usher needed change in our flawed immigration laws.

MIDTERMS. Liberal writer Alex Chapman notes that North Carolina's gerrymandering policies are disenfranchising black democrat voters.


MARXISM. Our contributor @BoredObserver launches his new video series aiming to explain how the progressives use weaponized Marxism to invert their perceived notion of the oppression hierarchy.

KAVANAUGH CONFIRMATION. Conservative writer @FeeheryTheory reviews politics in America focusing on how Dems attack KAVANAUGH using guilt by association and by using declassified confidential emails the night before.


TRUMP. Our conservative contributor @jeffcrouere has 10 to do list tips for POTUS to survive and end the deep state.

GENERATIONS. Our liberal contributor George Farrar of @thejaxleft profiles generations from boomers to millenials, current advantages and challenges within US society plus future predictions.


9/11. Dire Wolf Media team discuss how a University took down 9/11 event that may offend Muslim students.

PUBLIC SCHOOLS. Progressive contributor Steven Singer laments how support for public schools is at all time high but we still don't raise salaries and benefits for teachers, highlighting the way politicians work against constituencies.


MIDTERMS. @ConservativeMexican finally agrees with the Democrats when Biden appeared in a labor rally: we all need to vote this Midterms to change our country.

NYT. Our progressive contributor @andrew.bruce.790 weighs the recent anti-Trump NYT op-ed piece as either heroic or treasonous.


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