The Weekly Rundown July 7, 2018


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Our contributor, The Bored Observer (me) reviews the biggest issues and news from last week and breaks it down for you in easy to digest bites.

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Welcome to Political Storm's Top 5 Agenda Free Weekly News Update brought to us by our regular contributor, Sam Jenkins.

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PROGRESSIVES. Progressive candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez just unseated 10 term NYC congressman; Joseph Crowley, and Nasty Politics believes this shifted the discussion from beating Trump to improving our own party.


HITLER. Our newest contributor JP Mac of Liberty Relearned argues that likening Trump and his supporters to Hitler due to their immigration stance is not just inaccurate but also dishonest and divisive. 


TDS. Jeff Crew-Air diagnosises Rep Maxine Waters' behavior as acute Trump Derangement Syndrome. He criticizes the left's double standards with liberals threatening behavior toward Trump, his family, and members of his administration. 


LABOR UNIONS. Our progressive contributor Egberto Willies of Politics Done Right with, proclaims the Supreme Court is now the enemy of the working class after SCOTUS struck mandatory labor union dues for public sectors. 


WE THE PEOPLE. Our conservative contributor Dave Ellison is back with a piece listing down possible solutions to America's economic and political woes. Some of the solutions are, better education, strong work ethic, and a loving family atmosphere. 


HAPPY 4TH AMERICA! Our publisher Jon Saltzman, shares a song by The West Cook Band. What’s the problem? FB disallowed this video’s use for advertising because, in Facebook’s view, is it was too political. Is it? Let us know what you think! Comment below or share this to your friends. 

TRUMP BOMBS. Our country is dropping explosives every 12 minutes even if we are not at war with any country. Trump’s military dropped 44,000 bombs in his first year in office, Obama 12,500 per year. And no one is talking about it. Watch full video analysis via PoliticsOnTheMarch. 


IMMIGRATION. Conservative Mexican notes that Trump is moving to transform legal immigration from family ties based to merit based. One way that the Trump administration is achieving this is by cutting legal immigration with visas 12% in his first 2 years..

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