The United States, Socialism & Concept Creep

The United States is a Constitutional Republic... not a Democracy... and certainly not Socialist. Not yet.

People try to convince others that socialism is palatable alternative because, well, the United States has plenty of socialistic programs. The military, roads, and entitlement programs are socialistic, right? We should just go all in on socialism.

The equating any government service to socialism is moving goal posts on the definition of socialism. In a Constitutional Republic, the roles of government is spelled out. Government has a role in our society, it's only when it oversteps its mandated purpose that we ring the bell of socialism. Roles don't mean socialism. An expansion of centralized government means the scales are tipping towards socialism.

In this video, I hope to dispel some myths about the United States and the Socialist waves breaking against the American Dream. It is by no means an extensive piece and, for the sake of time, it has been stripped down to the bare bones. There is more nuance to the subject but, socialism never works.