The Tale of a Judge and a Yearbook

Beverly Nelson, one of Roy Moore’s primary accusers

Admitted that she forgedwriting in her yearbook and stated it was Moore in order to strengthen her sexual assault case against him. This piece of evidence produced by Beverly Nelson and her lawyer Gloria Allred has been paraded by the mainstream media as, what appeared to be, the holy grail. When Moore’s lawyer rebuked it as a fraud and demanded it be provided to an independent handwriting specialist, he was ridiculed.

Folks, this reinforces the idea that these allegations are nothing short of a political hit job. This disgusts me to the highest degree and I can’t help but think of all the women who have truly suffered from legitimate sexual assaults. Each and every time these disgusting women come forth with false and politically motivated allegations, it weakens the resolve and strength of a real victim– making it even more difficult to come forward out of fear of being marginalized as an attention seeker.

I am sickened, disgusted, and repulsed at anyone who would make false allegations, of this magnitude, against someone else for the sake of political real estate, or potentially in this case, monetary reward. I am event more disgusted by those who would continue defending such behaviour out of fear of weakening their own political position.

Now I’m not saying this means it would be impossible for Roy Moore to have done wrong. What I am saying is that this revelation and confession from Beverly has resulted in a credibility hit that she may not be able to recover from. A very wise man once said, “by their fruits you will know them.” This means that we can know all we need to know about someone based on the fruit of their character. Can a fig tree produce apples? Can a mango tree produce bananas? What is done in darkness will always come to light. Just don’t expect to receive these revelations from the mainstream media. It is our job to keep our eyes and ears open because this is not a political battle anymore– this is a battle between right and wrong. Where will you be found standing when the history books are written?