The Reach to Impeach

Mueller's case against Manafort goes to trial to face legal scrutiny. This is the first step in the Reach to Impeach.

The heat is turning up with the Russia Collusion investigation as Paul Manafort’s trial begins. All eyes are on Mueller and his team as their 15 month long (and counting) investigation enters the realm of legal scrutiny. No longer does he wade in the waters of public opinion, media bias and leaks—His work now, for the first time, comes face to face with lady justice who’s unforgiving gaze weighs the substance of his work.

Back in May, Judge Ellis viewed the evidence Mueller had on Manafort during a hearing and came to the conclusion that:

"You don't really care about Mr. Manafort… You really care about what information Mr. Manafort can give you to lead you to Mr. Trump and an impeachment, or whatever."

Judge Ellis’s position was only reinforced on August 1, 2018 where he scolded Mueller and his team once again when they obsessively referenced Manafort’s peculiar and, in my opinion, foolish spending habits. An ostrich skin jacket? Really? Manafort should be imprisoned for that!

Ellis reminded them that it was not a crime to be rich and that he wanted to hear evidence pertaining to the crime(s) he was being accused of: Bank Fraud and other financial crimes.

Which brings me to another point. Like myself and my conservative colleagues have been saying, this over-hype of the Manafort situation is the direct result of the abuse of power and scope within the Mueller investigation. This view is shared by the federal judge. How do we get from accusations of Trump cooperating with the Russians to undermine the American democratic election to Paul Manafort’s financial crimes? I’m not the shiniest tool in the tool shed, but like I have said previously in my podcasts, Manafort was a low-hanging fruit targeted by the Mueller team in hopes that he would flip on the President and give up incriminating information to save his rear end. One of law enforcement’s oldest tricks in the book. It’s an effective technique used when you know the big fish is involved in criminal activity—it’s an extremely risky technique when you don’t.

Despite popular belief, there is nothing Mueller, the Democratic party, and their cronies, the mainstream media, want more than for President Trump to end the Mueller probe. This would be the gravest mistake the President could ever make. By prolonging and allowing this faux investigation to proceed, Trump continues to call Mueller’s phenomenal bluff. He continues to show the ineptitude and political compromise of Mueller and his team. Let’s also consider the fact that there is exorbitant pressure on Mueller not to come out empty-handed lest he disappoint the left-wing masses who await him with both a noose and a wreath-- depending on the outcome. This is why Mueller has been coming out with tactically timed announcements that another dozen, or so, Russian agents have been indicted. When both Trump and Putin showed interest in having these mysterious Russians extradited to America I’m sure Mueller cursed under his breath.

But this charade can only go on for so much longer before the burden of proof breaks the back of the corrupt bureaucrats at the top of the, once noble, Federal Bureau of Investigations. The fact of the matter is that Trump has at least four years in office. Mueller maybe has another several months before even Stephen Colbert and Jim Acosta start nudging him to hurry up saying, “Uhh… Dude you’re making us all look like fools.”

The mainstream news outlets, as well as Mueller’s top-notch investigative team, have been analyzing President Trump’s tweet’s looking for even a modicum of indictable content. There has been discussion and theories stating that Trump is guilty of obstruction of justice for this tweet:

Really? This is where we are now? We are knit-picking tweets and hoping impeachment will be the result. This is the highest degree of desperation. The President needs to remain above reproach with all things associated to the Russia probe. Do not be mistaken, this is a battle of attrition. The fact that he wants to end the probe doesn’t mean he is guilty, it means he’s a human! And although the left has deified Mueller as the anti-Trump, Saviour of the Elite, he is no doubt beginning to realize its not Trump that he battles against… It’s time.

“I'm for truth, no matter who tells it. I'm for justice, no matter who it's for or against.” -Malcolm X