The Race for Moral High Ground


After multiple accusers came forward in addition to photo evidence of inappropriate behavior– but not without a fight. Franken, instead of taking full accountability for his evidently perverted behavior, stated that there is a double standard because President Trump and Roy Moore, who have both been accused of sexual assault, remain untouched. The question is raised: Is it an accurate equivalence to compare Franken’s case to Moore and the President’s? Should people be automatically ousted as a result of a single or multiple allegations regardless of the quality of evidence? Or should there be a process used to measure the merit and motivation of such serious allegations?

Although it would be completely inappropriate and detrimental to the Democratic party if Franken does not resign, the Democrats use this resignation in attempt to gain moral high ground over the Republicans. With the news of Franken’s imminent resignation, the Democrats have tactically loaded their political rifles… Wait, that’s a bad example– their political water guns and supercharge their protest and resistance against Moore and the President.

Now let’s consider a few things. 1.) The Democrats were in an impossible situation with Franken’s resignation. As long as he stays in office they are unable to reclaim the perceived moral high ground. The result however, is an open Minnesota Senate seat they risk giving to the GOP which would only strengthen the current administration. 2.) Right now expect to see nothing short of a crusade from the Left moving towards the Alabama Senate election. If Roy Moore wins, it will be a crushing loss for the Democrats and only worsens with the prospect of a Republican winning the potentially vacant Minnesota Senate seat in the future.

I maintain that this continues to be about POLITICS and NOT the victims– both legitimate and alleged. Keep your mind open, objective, and vigilant as this story develops.

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