The (Other) Portland Antifa Attacks Last Weekend | Explain Away the Rest of Them

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Items referenced:

Footage of the attack on Andy:

Blue check journalists react:

HuffPost article title implies Andy is a far-right extremist:

Andy released from the hospital:

Police release suspect images:

Spokesman defends the mayor:

Antifa activists direct traffic:

Antifa activists create a biohazard encampment:

Antifa activists bully charity food cart:

The mayor praises them for it:

The city can't recruit quality police officers:

Portland police union statement:

Portland Andy gets maced on stream:

Daily Wire article on John Blum and Adam Kelly:

Michelle Malkin's description:

Footage of the Blum and Kelly skirmish:

Some claim Blum initiated:

Kentucky pride parade:

Bret Weinstein just posted a full hour interview with Andy over on his channel: Great listening, but especially useful to show to anyone who actually believes Andy is a 'far-right provocateur.'

This will be my only solo video this week - have a happy and safe Fourth of July. I'll be back for the Sunday stream as usual, live at 9 PM ET.

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