The "Moral Authority" of Gun Control Figureheads

You either bow to the experiences of David Hogg, Emma Gonzales, Cameron Kasky & Alfonso Calderon or else...

The media props up David Hogg, Emma Gonzales, Cameron Kasky and Alfonso Calderon as experts on gun policy with nothing but their experiences to show for it. Is this smart? Do experiences make one an authority on an issue or does study, discourse, and debate?

What about Kyle Kashuv? He's too is a Stoneman Douglas high school shooting survivor as well and while he does want something to be done about these school shootings, he's still for the Second Amendment. Does the media give his voice an equal share of the spotlight or does the media have another agenda?

And what happens when you don't agree with the recommendations of David Hogg, Emma Gonzales, Cameron Kasky and Alfonso Calderon? Well, they call you and members of the NRA child murderers.

Is this good for the public discourse? Do these figureheads of gun control have the right to say awful things to their opponents?

"Do experiences make one an authority on an issue or does study, discourse, and debate?"

Keep burning the Dem's narratives one line at a time!


That's right, the Democrats have overplayed their hand. "My way or the highway" on this and other issues is no way to lead. They have nothing.


There are no rational adults who can discern information to accurate discuss issues. Instead we are reactionary, responding to comments made by individuals who may lack the expertise necessary to carry the weight we require to sound credible on a particular issue. However I will say my big issue with these kids is that people spend more time dismissing their credibility as leaders in gun reform, than actually listening to their experience as a reason to discuss and evaluate the state of our current gun laws.

I agree with listening to their experiences, but their experiences should spur them into researching the issue.

It’s gotten political with Hogg covering for Sheriff Israel and the FBI for personal reasons.

They have been through something tragic but they are still responsible for how they’ve guided the dialogue. They’ve compared anyone that isn’t signed on with their remedies, they’re against children or they’re child murderers

That poisons the well of discourse and people just dig their heels in.

The media hasn’t helped either. They’ve shown a shotgun destroying a watermelon and it was a shotgun. Cuomo retweeted a fake story. You can an espn correspondent say “full semi-automatic” when there’s no such thing. And the dude was handling the gun incorrectly.

And now we have Gov. Dannel Malloy call the NRA a terrorist organization. That’s not helping.

Also, no word yet if the governor favors water boarding or droning these terrorists 🤔