The Mid-term Elections ARE, in fact, a Referendum.


The months leading up to the mid-term elections have kept the news cycle red-lining. Voters from both parties are extremely motivated to cast their ballot in what they see as one of the most important elections in modern times. There has been a mutual agreement on both sides that the mid-term elections will be a referendum on President Trump's Administration thus far.

At this point in his presidency, Trump wins the objective argument of being faithful to the platform he ran on. From the economy firing on all cylinders to the continued fulfillment of his campaign promises, Trump has proven that his excessive use of hyperbole is limited to his war of words with the media and his political opposition. His political philosophy, America first, is unchanging and he remains one-hundred percent committed to his word.

Barrack Obama put on his preacher voice and activated his forced southern accent as he rallied Democrats to vote in the days leading up to November 6, 2018. The former President ironically told voters not to pay attention to the shiny things that Republicans dangled before them like a great economy and emphasis on the integrity of America's borders; instead, he told them to ignore all of the above and vote for America's future.

If rally crowd size is any indication or foreshadowing of what will take place during the mid-terms, Republicans should be feeling confident. President Trump, with an objectively impressive level of stamina, traveled across the country drawing massive crowds as he endorsed Conservative candidates that would aid him in furthering an agenda that evidently works.

Democrats have been at the center of scandal exposed by investigative journalist, James O'keefe, and his vigilante group of undercover reporters, Project Veritas. The candidates and campaigns that Democrats have spent tens of millions of dollars promoting, like Beto O'rourke and Kyrsten Sinema, have been exposed as unethical and more left-wing than they care to admit. Democrats running in red-states that began as progressives now latch on to the President's coat-tails in hopes of changing conservative voter's minds and captivating the independent vote.

Huffington Post Article: Kyrsten Sinema not a Progressive anymore?

The mid-terms are a referendum on the Trump Presidency. The numbers don't lie in regards to how America has strengthened its position in the world under Trump's presidency-- but do the numbers matter to everyone? Is it more important to Americans to have political leadership that speak sweet nothings, with eloquent abandon, while falling short on the many promises made? Or is it more important to have leaders who fulfill promises and produce results that open up opportunity to all Americans?

My Prediction: The Republicans will keep the House and the Senate as a result of the 2018 mid-term Elections.

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Philip Carino
Philip Carino

I wanted to celebrate but the dem house flip isn't enough for a majority

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Jon Saltzman
Jon Saltzman


Great finish to your piece Jay! That really is the crux of the argument: Words or deeds!