The Intellectual Dark Web: Episode III - Jonathan Haidt & the Heterodox Mind

When a university ceases to be an arena of ideas, then the research it produces isn't fit to inform policy.

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I’m the Bored Observer. I’m here to highlight the next member of the Intellectual Dark Web. His name is ProfessorJonathan Haidt.

Haidt is a social psychologist whose area of expertise is morality. Haidt used to be a ardent partisan Democrat but after his work on morality, he found that both sides of the political spectrum have different sets of moral values and that these different moralities cause each side to value different things. Once he saw that, he moved comfortably to the center of the political spectrum.

Right now he’s sounding the alarm bells in academia because academia has become a monolith that's hostile to viewpoint diversity. He says that the concept of the university will die if there isn’t viewpoint diversity. Viewpoint diversity, Haidt says, cancels out confirmation bias in research. When research has been vigorously tested, it is more reliable. If there is no divergent points of view that challenge research, then that research is not longer fit to inform policy.

Haidt is one of the more gentler and diplomatic members of the Intellectual Dark Web. Many members can be can of abrasive, Haidt has the right clinical touch.

Feel free to visit his project, Heterodox Academy. This is Haidt’s attempt to re-introduce viewpoint diversity and free speech on college campuses across the country.

Heterodox Academy

We are a politically diverse group of more than 1,800 professors and graduate students who have come together to improve the quality of research and education in universities by increasing viewpoint diversity, mutual understanding, and constructive disagreement.

Open Mind

A free interactive platform designed to depolarize communities and foster mutual understanding across differences

Campus Expression Survey

Are students afraid to speak openly at your school? How can you know?

Everyone wants an open environment where all members of the academic community can express their ideas honestly. But increasingly since 2014 we hear reports that students and professors are heavily self-censoring, learning to “walk on eggshells.” Is this going on in your classroom, or at your university or high school? If so, then it is vital to know: WHICH students are feeling intimidated, about WHICH topics, and WHY? Are students primarily afraid of the professors, or of other students? Is it happening in all departments, or only in a few?

Guide to Colleges

Which campuses are best for students seeking exposure to diverse perspectives? Our Guide to Colleges–the only resource of its kind–is designed to help college-bound students find the right schools. But we think it will be of use to university administrators, too. To create cultures of free and open inquiry, where students and professors are not afraid to voice their views or challenge the views of others, schools must be aware of how they are doing with regard to maintaining and valuing viewpoint diversity on campus.

Hat tip to Vaccine Makers Project for the beautiful animation of the immune system.

Vaccine Makers Project

The Adaptive Immune System

I have this bad habit of downloading You Tube videos in large quantities and not give credit at the end. I'm not and organized person when I'm piecing together a video. Here are the videos "I think" I used. If you come across a video that you posted, let me know and I'll give you credit.

Jonathan Haidt: How to Clean Up the Universities of Sjws

Building a Robust Public Sphere | Jonathan Haidt

The "Stunning Fragility" & Vindictive Political Correctness of Today's Students - Jonathan Haidt

The SJW Worldview Explained in 2 Minutes - Jonathan Haidt

Christina Hoff Sommers and Camille Paglia on the absence of biology in gender studies | VIEWPOINT

American Enterprise Institute

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Wow he is something. Very respectable man. Most universities are liberal even its educational arm is called as such. And many conservatives blame this to be the cause of why ideas are now barred if it doesn't conform with the liberal SJW agenda and PC culture. There's probably a reason why we call colleges and universities liberal, right? Turns out it's just an old connotation. Liberal education doesn't really make everyone outright liberal and not opposing conservatism, just opposed to not being free. But it can't be ignored how SJWs rule most liberal schools nowadays like deviating from it will make you a pariah of some sort. This should be an interesting read

Hopefully Prof Haidt's work to open more minds gain more grounds

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