The Intellectual Dark Web: Episode 1 - The Persecution of Bret Weinstein

The Intellectual Dark Web is the modern day speakeasy of ideas, discourse, discussion, comedy, debate and fellowship.

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The media, Hollywood, television, music, and academia are what make culture. For a long time, liberal thought and opinions were a way of life in these institutions. However, these institutions have become corrupted. They've now turned their ire against any non-conformity. To even question a taboo subject such gender will invite vitriol, criticism, harassment, censorship and even threats to employment.

While this corrupt culture continues to police the landscape for any diverging or nuanced points of view, there has been an underground subculture where ideas and discussions are taking place in the safety of mutually assured respect and civility. This underground network has attracted countless fans and admirers hungry for ideas, discussion and sometimes safety. This underground community is known as the Intellectual Dark Web.

The above video is one of a series of videos about the Intellectual Dark Web. Each video will discuss a member of the Intellectual Dark Web, how they became a member and their distinctiveness they bring to the group. This video will be the longest (I think) because it is both an introduction to the Intellectual Dark Web and highlights a particular member- Bret Weinstein.

No. 1-1

Nice to know MSM journalists are peeking into these "renegades" as they call them. Bari may be woken too