The Dangerous Swamp In Washington

Is anyone upset about the CNN story about FBI wiretapping of Donald Trump’s campaign chairman

Paul Manafort during the 2016 election?

Michael Goodwin writes about this in a thought-provoking piece in yesterday’s New York Post, where he connects the dots and leads us to a frightening yet plausible conclusion: The “Deep State,” AKA “The Swamp” is real. and it doesn’t choose sides.

In what’s become typical in our mega-polarized political dialogue, the argument about the wiretapping predictably breaks down on party lines and feelings about the President.

If you hate Trump, it’s just fine to eavesdrop on his campaign. Afterall, you might think that this will finally be the “smoking gun” that will prove all of the Russian interference in the 2016 Presidential election – finally!

On the other hand, if you’re a Trump sympathizer, it does seem to prove that Trump’s March allegations that he was wiretapped may actually be true.

Okay, it’s Manafort, not Trump, but let’s not get too hung up on that. We’re talking about the FBI wiretapping a presidential campaign. It’s possible the candidate Trump is on those tapes in conversation with Manafort.

And that would be, as far as we know, a historic precedent. And that ain’t good.

The Manafort wiretap is disturbing enough, but when you consider that Samantha Powers, the UN Ambassador under President Obama, is reported to have unmasked 260 American citizens who just happened to be on calls with targets of U.S. intelligence agencies.

This is a shocking display of federal power that’s out of control. You can read about Samantha Powers in this Allahpundit blog on Hot Air.

Here’s a really good question: How much of this did President Obama know about? Goodwin, who admits he’s been skeptical about Obama’s involvement up until now, ends his piece ominously:

Which brings us back to the ultimate test: Did Obama or somebody working for him put Trump under surveillance during or after the election for the purpose of a political coup?

It’s a frightening question, all the more so because I suspect the answer will be yes — if we can ever get to the truth.

The crickets you hear chirping right now are the Mainstream Media that enables the Washington Establishment, AKA The Swamp.

So I know there are folks out there that will criticize my use of various conservative – leaning publications to make my point. And as I said, if you hate Trump, you’re just shrugging your shoulders anyway.

But I think that Goodwin is right. We do have a serious problem in Washington. The Swamp has it’s own agenda and it’s not yours’ or mine.

How about this from a recent WSJ editorial on September 19? In that editorial, they also discuss former FBI director, James Comey’s handling of The Hillary Clinton e-mail investigation. The WSJ lumps this together with the FBI investigations of the Trump campaign and concludes:

All of this is reason for House and Senate investigators to keep exploring how Mr. Comey’s FBI was investigating both presidential campaigns. Russian meddling is a threat to democracy but so was the FBI if it relied on Russian disinformation to eavesdrop on a presidential campaign. The Justice Department and FBI have stonewalled Congressional requests for documents and interviews, citing the “integrity” of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation

How and why did the FBI, under the Obama administration, involve itself in twopresidential campaigns? You tell me.

If the deep state could sabotage Trump’s presidency and Clinton’s candidacy, what would they not do? There is no limit.

Instead of Trump Derangement Syndrome or hyper-partisanship, it may be time to ask another question:

Does our government work at the consent of the governed or not?It seems that our federal government doesn’t give a damn about the governed and it doesn’t choose sides. It’s all about power and maintaining the status quo.

And that truly scares me, and it should scare you too – whatever your political position.

Jon Saltzman is the Publisher and Senior Editor of Political Storm


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