Something to do While Waiting For The Democrat’s Memo …

Maybe journalists should practice the investigating part more than the concluding part of the story.

How about a movie? There’s a highly regarded film out there called The Post and it stars two great actors, Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks. They respectively portray the legendary Washington Post Publisher Katharine Graham and Editor Ben Bradlee as they struggle to publish The Pentagon Papers a book about the Vietnam War and some secret stuff that the U.S. Government hadn’t told the American people. They have to undergo a legal fight against the Nixon Whitehouse to get it done and the movie alludes to the next Nixon Shoe to drop - Watergate.

Thus the early Seventies ushered in the portrayal of the heroic-journalist who fought the government and the establishment to find and get the truth out there without any regard to his or her own safety. It led a lot of impressionable Baby boomers to fantasize about a career as a hard driving investigative journalist.

And that’s the problem with the mainstream media. The people who worshipped Woodward and Bernstein who incidentally, worked for Graham and Bradlee (hey here’s another idea: see All Of The President’s Men with Robert Redford and Dustin Hoffman as the plucky duo) are now the people in charge of the Mainstream Media!
They’re the ones responsible for the cover-up of the Obama Administration and Hillary Clinton’s illegal activities that targeted the Trump campaign and resulted in this whole Russian Collusion nonsense.

It seems that investigative journalism needs to include the “investigative” part. In other words, a good reporter needs to investigate what they find, not start from a conclusion. Woodward and Bernstein famously “followed the money,” didn’t they?

You see, we all thought the Boomer MSM crowd was fighting for law and justice when they took down Nixon. In fact, the Republicans at that time believed that too when they combined in a bipartisan way with the Democrats to make it happen. The Republican leadership in Washington finally went to Nixon and told him that if he didn’t go, he would be impeached and they (the Republican leadership) would be voting to impeach as well.

But the young Boomer Media just hated Nixon and Republicans it turns out. Well, you tell me. Why would the older Boomer Media try to suppress the Nunes memo on grounds of National Security? And then, why would they be so incurious about using it as a tool to find out what really happened?

After all, it’s clear that some terrible things were done. A dossier that was a Clinton campaign tool (bought and paid for) was used by the FBI as evidence that spawned the FISA court to issue a wiretap on a campaign official (Carter Page) of the opposition party.

And now we see in a letter written by Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) and Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) that was sent to the Justice Department and the FBI that there is evidence that officials of the Obama Administration, the Clinton campaign and the FBI helped Christopher Steele craft an even juicer second dossier for the consumption of the press and public. As a result of this and other evidence, the Grassley-Graham letter urges criminal action be taken against Steele.

Mollie Hemmingway of The federalist provides a great outline of all of this and you should give it a read.

Alas, the Legacy Boomer Media doesn’t really care about investigating any of this compelling stuff because it comes from Republicans and supports Trump’s story that the whole Russian Collusion investigation under Special Counsel, Robert Mueller is a farce.

On CNN as I write, a panel is refuting all of the evidence while it eagerly awaits the Democrat memo’s release. Could it be that the Legacy Boomer Media just wants to take down this President as part of their Watergate heritage?

I have a suggestion. Maybe they should watch The Post, and remember why they became journalists in the first place. If they did, they would uncover a lurid tale of how establishment Washington’s bureaucrats in the Deep State have decided they need to get rid of a brash outsider by any means necessary thereby creating a Constitutional crisis and nullifying a legal election while being aided an abetted by a willing press.

Now that’s a story!

Jon Saltzman is the Publisher and Senior Editor of Political Storm.

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Love it, Jon! I haven't seen 'The Post' yet because I had a feeling the reason it came out was to try show the similarities between the Watergate and Russiagate-- y'know the typical left-wing propaganda. But it truly is eye-opening to see that now we are in a time where the news media tries sway people rather than inform them! Really sad... That's why all of us here at the Political Storm are appreciative of this platform.