Sexual McCarthyism

Sexual McCarthyism has created a Historic Moral Panic in Light of the Kavanaugh Protests

-Warning, this article deals with Justice Kavanaugh and the subsequent sexual allegations. I assure my readership who may have been sexually abused that I take their pain seriously, I am a critic of the treatment of Kavanaugh in political regards only but extend upmost compassion to survivors.I do not wish to trigger anyone’s pain in this regard. I will touch on justice for survivors considering my critique at the end of this article.

The year is 1953. Joseph McCarthy has all of America on the edge. Anyone who is suspicious of communist activities is being blacklisted. Hollywood has been invaded by communists! Your senator is secretly in bed with the Soviets! Your neighbor is a Marxist! Senators claim that communists are invading the government. The media responds by sending out their fear and panic on all stations and radios. Posters displaying ghostly pictographs of your “communist” neighbors in a sea of scarlet flames are on street lamps and theatre walls. Mobs and demonstrators swarm together in protest and public demonstration to root out the great red evil. Everyone accused is being sent to jail! Everyone who has their name smeared by this campaign is looking forward to a ruined life. Hasty laws are being written in reactionary measure. People are losing their jobs, witnessing the destruction of their reputations and even going to prison! The red scare is in full swing! By 2017 humanity looks back on this time with great resentful disdain and our history classes teach us that this period is a dark time in American history. “McCarthyism” has been rightfully decried as a term defining the use of political smear to implement fascist panic and an overturn of law and order via unjust allegation on human persons.

Replace “communist” with “rapist” and you are now in 2018.

What we just saw play out with Brett Kavanaugh was nothing short of sexual McCarthyism in the 21st century. In this case a man with seven cleared FBI background checks was almost denied a rightful place in our supreme court due to a completely unverified, absolutely unproven, totally incredulous claim. Our senate officials, and our media, and much of the populace went along with this frantic mentality in order to get their political aspirations solidified.

I find it interesting that I am being asked to defend Kavanaugh’s innocence. But, I do not need to. There was no evidence found against him. Nada. Nothing. There is nothing to defend because nothing was found in the counter claim. And yet, I am being asked to make an argument for a man against an argument of nothing. Just as McCarthy could easily claim you were a communist and ruin your life, now we don’t even need to verify claims to paint people as among the most insidious class of men in the world to get one's say in politics.

McCarthyism is not misguided, it is evil. It creates a precedent of panic. It causes unconstitutional laws to be written. It inspires mob mentality. It is predicated on the rupture of the fundamental and natural commandment that one should never bear false witness. It destroys the dignity of persons. McCarthyism strikes at the core of the moral norms of legal order. Witch hunting creates a threat to basic fundamentals principled for any healthy civilization.

I saw liberals on video and social media say that Brett Kavanaugh lost his temperament after being completely falsely accused of gang rape. As if a false accusation of serial rape should be met with calm collection. Likewise, I have also seen in videos and public protests, anti-Kavanaugh chanters openly admit that they are opposing Ford’s claims purely based on Kavanaugh’s abortion record. I have seen people light up their profile with “Believe All Women” and pseudo-statistics about the 5% of false rape claims from all total allegations (a very shaky statistic mind you that is easily challenged by a wide array of sources) just to put a completely innocent man in the same sentence as Brock Turner via public grams and postings. They did so with self-righteousness. The red scare propaganda posters of the 1950s would have been envious of Twitter this October.

False rape allegations and a culture of witch hunting hurts survivors. I can understand rape survivors being mad about Kavanaugh based on their past and coming from a place of anger. It is never right to try to undo due process or rule of law, but I am sympathetic to such pain. However, non-survivors who jumped on this bandwagon purely to virtue signal, I do not think highly of your character unlike what your viral feeds are telling you. One authentically true statement amidst the sexual McCarthyism bandied about last week that was true was that many women and men are too scared to come forward with their rape and that most attackers get away Scott free. A main reason for this is because rape has to be proven and since false claims do occur, real claims are often all the more scrutinized and the process can be traumatizing. Many have just worked in establishing a precedent that a completely baseless claim is enough to convict a rapist in and of itself. With a culture like that, all the more the courts are going to be harder to convince. Believing all women based on baseless accusation may work in a Twitter mob but it does not hold up in court of law. You did not make it easier for women to be believed but harder for them to be taken seriously in court by the blind eyes of Lady Justice.

This was a moral failing. I hope it inspires many more to leave the Democratic party and I do hope many avowed Democrats who took advantage of this situation look at themselves politically. May sexual McCarthyism never prevail in this country. May our laws stay, may cool heads prevail and may the mobs cease so that both the accused and the victims can receive the justice of moral sanity.

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The Happy Hamster
The Happy Hamster

I think it just got a lot tougher to be a good man in these really chaotic times.