Republicans: Enough! Shut Up Already!.

I indulged myself and watched the Sunday talking heads, winding it up by watching Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace

I don’t know about you, but the latest Republican circular firing squad has me longing for the old days with party leaders in smoke filled rooms. Back then, they argued and came out unified, even if they half faked it.

The more the R’s and their media minions debate Trump’s legitimacy as a candidate, the crazier it sounds. The establishment of the party is having a temper tantrum worthy of a kindergarten scene. And it’s clear that they still just don’t get it.

I listened as the Fox crew continued grinding up Trump. Chris Wallace interviewed Trump campaign manager, Paul Manafort, and grilled him as if he were his dad, Mike Wallace, interviewing a polluting manufacturer on “6O Minutes.” Later, the panel continued to show ignorance of the Trumpians. They insist Trump is overwhelmingly supported by only white, blue-collar males. It’s just not true.

Do people in the Washington bubble know how they sound? The Republican pundits and the party elite continue to denigrate the people who turned out in record numbers for Trump. I’m glad I’m not a Trump voter; I’m way too sensitive. I hate being called names like uneducated or dumb.

The most interesting intra-party flap centers on Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, who says he’s not ready to support Trump. This week, there’s a summit between Trump and Ryan scheduled. Oh to be a fly on that wall! The Fox News narrative is that unlike Trump, Paul Ryan is a (oxymoron alert) “conviction politician.” We’ll see.

Then there are the Republican Senators and punditry who say on principle, they’ll vote for Clinton rather than cast a vote for Trump. Oh brother, they’d rather usher in a third Obama term. Think about that calamity for a moment.

Finally, there are Republicans who say that they won’t vote if Trump’s the nominee. How did that work out when they stayed home and didn’t vote for Romney the last time around? They enabled Obama to a second term and then the Republican-led Congress folded like a cheap suit. The establishment pleaded with voters to send them a majority and they fumbled it away.

Then the establishment told voters to send them a Republican president. Please they said, send us an ideologically pure Republican. A funny thing happened on the way to ideological purity; it was hijacked by the Trump wave. It defeated many qualified, ideologically pure candidates. Social issues weren’t that important. The people who voted for Trump in record numbers winked at Trump’s hapless social issue vision.

What did they care about then? They want to believe in America again. Suddenly they found themselves in a world they don’t understand. President Obama, after seven years in office, has bowed to Middle Eastern tyrants, and led from behind. He blinked at every stare-down contest with Putin and the Chinese, who delight in pushing the boundaries, and Russian jets buzzing U.S. ships as if they were Maverick and Goose of Top Gun fame.

American’s have also been treated to U.S. sailors being humiliated after their vessel was seized. Americans are feeling like they did under Jimmy Carter. That’s when they elected the last unpopular within his own party guy — Ronald Reagan.

The Trump voters also care about trade. They support free trade but not unfair trade. They’ve watched American manufacturing lose plant after plant to Mexico and yes, Canada. It was convenient that when Trump campaigned in Indiana, he could talk about Carrier’s recent decision to move to Mexico with thousands of local jobs going with it. They also know that China has imposed much higher duties on U.S. goods than the U.S imposes on their’, further reducing American manufacturing jobs.

These crazy, out-of-the-mainstream Republicans, Independents and yes, some Democrats who have switched party registration to vote for Trump, also see millions of illegal immigrants flooding the country. These “racists” are not against immigration. There’s not an American alive who doesn’t have the “country of immigrants” theme imbedded deeply in their psyche. Facts are facts.

In a time of very slow growth in the United States, the illegal population has soared. Cities have become sanctuaries and our government under Obama has refused to enforce existing immigration laws. The recent unemployment report just released shows that 94 million Americans have dropped out of the work force.

Watch out Republican establishment. Enjoy your smug superiority. Just remember, the people elect you and the people are not happy with what you have to offer. Also remember that there are potentially four Supreme Court nominees at stake.

Remember too that you have failed to push your agenda with a huge (“yuge”) majority in Congress. Think about what a third Obama term would do to the country. In fact, just this past weekend, John Kerry, Obama’s Secretary of State just lectured us to get ready for a “world without borders.” Now shut up.