The memo will likely be released. The House Intelligence Committee voted Monday to release the memo. President Trump has indicated that he wants the memo released.

What is this memo that is all the rave in the media over the last week or two? It is a 4-page memorandum drafted by the Intel Committee members based upon facts presented to its body relating to the FISA, or the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. This act, signed into law in 1978 and amended many times since, allows the United States to surveil and collect information on foreign agents suspected of terrorism or espionage.

With the affirmative vote Monday by the Intel Committee, President Trump has 5 days to decide if he wants to allow the release of the classified information, or if he wants to block any or all information from being released. He was overheard speaking to a member of Congress as he exited the State of the Union last night, where he told the member that he is “100% in favor of releasing the memo.” America could very well be able to read this memo as early as Saturday.

CNN posted an article yesterday that was written by Chris Cillizza, in which he presents an email discussion with CNN contributor Carrie Cordero, who has a history in the intelligence community. You can read the full article with the link at the bottom, but there was one little part that stood out to me in particular. Not only did it stand out to me, but it greatly disturbed me. Read a part of the correspondence between Cillizza and Cordero below:

Cillizza: Finish this sentence: "Releasing the memo publicly would be a _______ thing for the country." Now, explain.

Cordero: "Releasing the memo publicly would be a sad thing for the country."

Because it means that there is a real reason for Americans to have less faith that the components of their government are functioning in the American people's best interests.

Cordero continues after this, but that last sentence is what is so troubling. She insinuates that the problem with America learning about misdeeds by their government is that the people will have less faith in the government. This perspective is troubling, especially coming from someone who had been in the intelligence community. It almost hints at her knowing that there are reasons for Americans to not trust their government, but that this classified memo backs up their beliefs.

Is the government functioning in the American people’s best interest? We will have to wait and see what is in the memo and then you can decide for yourself, but if the memo contains verification that some of these rumors are true, we could be looking at a scandal which supersedes the levels of all scandals in America ever before.

Let me help Cordero with her answer to the question: “Releasing the memo publicly would be a necessary thing for the country.” The government is to be of the people, by the people, and for the people, which includes knowing what the government of the people is doing to their own people. President Obama touted his administration as being the most transparent administration in history, but was this transparency a smoke screen for one of the greatest intelligence scandals of our lifetime? Only time will tell.

Quotes taken from the following article:

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These criminals have taken advantage of the American people's trust... And under the guise of transparency, they have moved deceptively to undermine the Constitution and the under girth of all legal proceedings: Due process.

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Jon Saltzman
Jon Saltzman


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