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Alabama has signed into law legislation that expands the definition of life to include children in the womb, protecting them from being aborted. The pro-choice (pro-abortion) activists are terrified, and they should be because their days are numbered as more Americans realize they have no argument and more importantly no morality.

Arguments Refuted:

Constitutional Right: 0:43

Right to Control My Body: 4:30

Baby is Not Viable: 7:00

Baby Cannot Feel Pain: 8:42

Restricting Abortion Costs Lives: 9:20

No Child Should Be Born Unwanted: 12:58

Abortion Reduces Crime: 13:54

Abortion Helps Control Population: 15:11

Abortion in Cases of Rape or Incest: 16:18

Abortion is Endorsed by Religious Organizations: 17:58

Pro-Life While Supporting Death Penalty: 18:32

Men Controlling Women's Bodies: 19:01

Pro-Life Men are Sexually Incompetent: 19:45

Pro-Life Policies are Regressive: 20:55

Adoption is Not Realistic: 21:30

Abortion Restriction Enables Men to Leave Women: 22:18

The Pro-Life Movement Forces Their Morality: 22:44

Banning Abortion Won't Stop Abortion: 23:36

If Men Could Get Pregnant, Abortion Would Be Okay: 24:01

Babies are Parasites: 24:27

Abortion is About Outlawing Sex: 25:24

Masturbation = Abortion: 25:54

Not Pro-Life, Just Pro-Birth: 26:53

No Uterus, No Opinion: 27:20

Why Ban Abortion, But Not Guns: 28:08

My Uterus, My Choice: 28:21

Incoherent Post That Identifies as an Argument: 28:49

Pro-Lifers Don't Actually Care About Kids: 29:49

Living Takes Precedence Over Non-Living: 30:12

Pro-Life But Anti-Vegan: 30:44

Other Incoherent Post: 31:00

Pro-Life While School Shootings Happen: 31:34

Burning Building Kid vs. Embryo Hypothetical: 32:05

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