Reflecting On Kavanaugh, Ford And The Craven Democrats

The stench you smell is the Senate Democrats who have calculated to bring us this whole mess.

Am I the only one who is tired of the Democrats’ antics surrounding the Kavanaugh nomination? First we had the bullying by Democrat Senators as they tried to convince us that Justice Kavanaugh would take away Abortion and birth control. They were backed in this effort by demonstrators wearing costumes from the female breeder class from The Handmaid’s Tale and by people brandishing coat hangers. In the end we witnessed Corey Booker’s Spartacus moment where he “violated” Senate rules by releasing documents that had already turned out to be cleared for release.

Last week, it was revealed by Senate judiciary committee member, Diane Feinstein (D. CA) that a Psychology Professor from California,(Dr. Christine Blasey Ford), had written a letter back in July about an alleged sexual assault by then 17-year-old Brett Kavanaugh at a party - 36 years ago! Kavanaugh has strongly denied that the incident occurred.

Here we go again. Can you say Robert Bork or Clarence Thomas or Anita Hill?

But here are some things that make this situation particularly difficult and tragic. First, this alleged incident is a classic “He said - She said.” The truth will, in all probability be un-provable.

Dr. Ford may be a Democrat activist and staunch Trump-hater, which she has an American right to be and she’s respected in her profession and doesn’t appear to be some crazy person. But Kavanaugh has been fully vetted (we thought) and has a stellar reputation as a judge and as a family person. Everyone in this drama seems credible.

The thing is that this alleged high school drama is perfectly plausible. Kids get drunk and do stupid things. Girls and boys sneak out to summer parties and teenage boys can be stupidly aggressive. It doesn’t justify it or make it right, but it’s all too common even now, 36 years later. How do you even get to the truth after that period of time?

The most tragic thing here is that both Dr. Ross and Judge Kavanaugh will have a black mark on their lives and the alleged assault or the false accusation can never be taken back. It will sit out there forever in their lives and our history.

This conundrum could have been avoided. That’s where the Democrats and their antics come in. Senator Feinstein could have revealed this letter to her fellow committee members and asked for an investigation that could have been handled anonymously as Dr. Ford requested in the first place. But she sat on this until the very last moment, which makes it look like a political dirty trick.

It appears that the Democrats will stop at nothing to stop the Kavanaugh nomination. There is no depth below which they can sink. They are worshipping at the alter of abortion and are willing to do anything, no matter how outrageous to make sure it stays legal. But the women’s right to choose ship has already sailed and survived four Republican Presidents and all of their Supreme Court nominees. No one is taking away anyone’s birth control either for goodness sake!

Even worse, Democrats are rallying behind the idea that Kavanaugh should be presumed guilty. This is the most dangerous and cynical aspect of the Democrat gamesmanship. Our entire system of justice is based on the presumption of innocence of the accused. Do we really want to go down that road?

So this whole thing is a cynical and maybe a calculated political game that will quite possibly destroy the lives of two pretty accomplished people by all accounts. But who cares as long as the Democrats win? How terribly sad this is.

This whole episode makes two things very clear: First, the stench you smell is the Senate Democrats who have cynically calculated the strategy that brought us this mess. And second, we’d be fools to give the craven Democrats a majority in the House or the Senate.

No. 1-1

The timing though awfully suspicious still requires consideration. Would you want a guy who sexually assaults to be on the Supreme Court? If it's proven otherwise then go for it. What's all the fuss. Let the process take care of either weeding out or letting Kavanaugh proceed. It's the right thing to do.