Real #Politics With Real People Ep. 4: The Judge Kavanaugh Confirmation Circus

Jon Saltzman

Welcome back to Real #Politics With Real People. This show takes on one subject a week that will be discussed by a panel of Political Storm Contributors with diverse political opinions.

This week's episode, we look at Judge Brett #Kavanaugh's confirmation hearing, the numerous sexual assault allegations and the #FBI investigation plus their views on whether to confirm Kav or not.

Our panel is entirely made up of Political Storm contributors from across all party lines and ideologies

The Panel:

Suzzanne Monk,

BayBrotha Akil Jennings,

Ron Litchman of TheLibertarianLight, and

Jay of The Objective Podcast

We had a great discussion and I hope you enjoy it!

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I really enjoyed this discussion! Looking forward to future talks with this bunch :)