POTUS & 'The Squad' Square Off [S2 Ep20]

Today we discuss the tragic murder of Sadie Roberts Joseph, MS-13's latest indictment, and 'the Squad' VS POTUS!

I'm BACK! Welcome to another episode of the 'Let's Talk Headlines' Series! My apologies for breaking up the weekly upload schedule! I've had a lot on my plate recently, but I am back and ready to give you guys weekly shows. Today we discuss the unfortunate and undoubtedly tragic murder of activist Sadie Roberts Joseph. We also discuss some of the senseless, evil acts done on behalf of the notorious, vile gang-- MS13. Advocates of open borders typically ignore the crime that usually goes hand in hand with it. Finally we discuss the SQUAD vs POTUS-- including his recent comments that declare, 'if you HATE America-- LEAVE!' What are your thoughts?

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