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Why do you care about Donald Trump and Stormy Daniels?

This week Mathew Walther wrote a column for The Week titled “Stormy Daniels bringing down Trump would be the poetic justice America needs.” It’s an entertaining article and it did resonate with me as I paused to ponder the incredible irony of Trump’s alleged relationship with porn star Stormy Daniels back in 2006, bringing about his downfall. As I thought about it, I actually formed a view, and it’s this: Who cares?

You see, I didn’t support President Trump’s policies because he was a good church going kind of guy. I had no illusions about a billionaire, former “man about town” in The Big Apple, who’s been married 3 times and rumored to have had many affairs. (LINK). That Access Hollywood tape didn’t come from nowhere.

Nope, no illusions at all, so it’s funny to see the Leftist Media’s pearl clutching act over Trumpian peccadillos, especially, when many of the same people defended Bill Clinton who actually had sex with an intern in the Oval Office for goodness sake. Who can forget the “it’s just about sex” mantra?

Listen, I’d be shaken if a guy like Mike Pence, who by all accounts is a devout Christian, was caught up in this kind of thing, really disappointed in fact. But Trump never ran on his sainthood and decency.

You see, he was tuned into the voice of many Americans who were sick of immigration laws being flouted by our elite in Washington (from both Parties), the slow growth of the American economy caused by strangling red tape that cost business profits and jobs , unfair trade deals that have stolen jobs and ruined communities, and “leading from behind” in foreign affairs. That’s why this resonated and led to his Electoral College victory over the Establishment’s candidate, Hillary Clinton.

While this porn star thing is very titillating, it’s time to remember that everyone in Washington winked at JFK’s myriad extramarital relationships too, and before that, FDR. So let’s all grow up. I’m personally tired of judging Presidents by their flaws. I judge them by what they’ve done in office and I’m afraid their secrets don’t really hurt very much at all.

I don’t care and you shouldn’t either.

Here’s what I do care about: On Friday, the jobs data came out and in February, 313,000 new jobs were created, and that smashed economists’ expectations (200,000 was the expected number). African American unemployment actually dropped to 6.9%, closest to the lowest unemployment numbers for those Americans on record.

Then there’s this: Kim Jong-un has agreed to host President Trump in North Korea for talks about relaxing economic sanctions and possibly abandoning nuclear arms. The news so startled CNN show host Erin Burnett that she actually went off CNN script and said That if Trump is successful, he will go down as a “really great President” and she added: “there’s no way around that, that is the reality here.”

There is a silver lining in this for us, however. It’s just possible that Trump’s Presidency could be weirdly successful enough to stop us from caring about the extraneous nonsense about all politicians’ lives that gets dredged up constantly.

I’ll concede that it’s possible he’s not the world’s greatest fellow. Trump may be one of the few people to be elected to the Presidency who actually believed he had to keep the promises that got him elected. And he has so far. And that’s all that matters.

And that includes fair trade rules for all of our trading partners. I’ll have more on that next week. Trump exhausts me.

Jon Saltzman is the Publisher and Senior Editor of Political Storm

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I don't agree. I would be excited to see Trump correct the trade imbalance with China, and fix all the nation's various ills. While we do need to perpetuate the essential infrastructure of the American state we also need to remember WHY we go to those lengths to perpetuate America. America wasn't meant to be a mere agglomeration of trade policies, immigration compromises, budget deals, and an electoral college. What makes America is why we do what we do. When Reagan spoke of a "shining city upon the hill" I'm pretty certain he wasn't speaking of a particularly clean, metallic, town at high elevation. He was speaking of occupying the moral high ground. That's something this president is NOT good at, even a little bit, at all. Even if Trump manages to make changes to the betterment of the essential infrastructure of the nation, and it's a big IF, he will still have only been able to manage it through, bluster, braggadocio, intimidation, and unpredictability. This erosion of the WHY of America will take us a long time to recover from. As far was our international credibility and perceived reliability goes, that may never come back. Unless some serious perversion of history occurs I'm obliged to disagree with Erin Burnett. He will NEVER be remembered as "a really great president".



By the way.. I love the title! Haha!



I loved this, Jon... my sentiments exactly. He never ran as the perfect president, he ran as someone who could make positive change and keep his promises. People who are obsessed with these allegations need to quit with the feigned righteousness-- it's embarrassing!


Trump is definitely exhausting, and polarizing. People seem to be falling in to a trap where they like the results of the policies (such as the job creation and unemployment rates you mention) but they don't like who is the figure head implementing the policies and they don't like the way in which the results were achieved. You can't say hey, I really like that "X" has happened when it's good for the country and it's citizens. I firmly believe that if it were anyone but President Trump in office following through on promises made during their campaign people would be ok with it. Is he a good person...well that depends on your definition, (not really) does he do stupid things on twitter, absolutely. But there is something to be said for setting out on a plan and accomplishing those tasks that will improve life for the country's citizens.