Points to Ponder as America Wakes Up to a Trump Reality.

After a decisive victory in Indiana, Donald Trump will most certainly become the Republican Nominee for President

(Did I just write that?). What does it mean?

Some points to ponder:

Illegal Immigration Does Matter

Is it inconceivable and crazy that a wall will really be built? Maybe, but this was Trump’s first message and it is resonating with Americans. Don’t be fooled by “the main stream media,” it is finding a home in the hearts of Americans of all economic status and ethnic backgrounds.

Those posters held by Trump protesters that waved Mexican flags and held signs that read: “Take back the U.S.A.” made a big impression on voters, just not the kind the protesters wanted.

The Media and Pundits Narrative is Wrong and Has Been Wrong All Along

At the beginning of the Trump bid for the Republican nomination, The Washington Post predicted: “Trump faces an uphill battle to be taken seriously by his rivals, political watchers and the media.” How did that work out?

The narrative on Trump has been wrong from day one. We’ve heard that he is backed by uneducated and uninformed blue collar, redneck, white men. The facts don’t support this at all, and it is an entirely elitist position taken by the Washington establishment and their lapdogs.

Lots of People have crossed the Aisle to Vote for Trump in the Primaries

Here’s a quick anecdote. My polling place is in a great liberal, mixed race neighborhood in Philadelphia, where Republicans are an endangered species. I asked one of the precinct volunteers about turnout and he remarked that Republican turnout was much higher than usual for that day’s Pennsylvania Primary. Trump easily beat Cruz and Kasich in Pennsylvania.

Trump’s candidacy has instigated record turnouts for Republicans in all states that have voted so far. Democrat turnout has been lower than 2008. Interesting.

It is the Economy, Stupid

A record 93 million able-bodied Americans have dropped out of the workforce since 2008. The actual employment numbers are the lowest in 40 years. U.S. corporate taxes are now among the highest in the world. The EPA under Obama has destroyed the coal industry and illegal immigrants and legal immigrants are apparently taking jobs beyond the stereotypical ones that “Americans don’t want.” U.S. GDP in the first quarter was an appalling 0.5 percent, a 2 percent annual pace. Additionally, though Americans are generally for free trade, they have begun to see that their largest trading partner, China is playing unfair tariff games.

Trump has spoken, albeit crudely at times, about these issues. But he is on message for many Americans who don’t care about eloquence as much as substance. Refreshing in a way, isn’t it?

The Republican Elite Are the Cause of The Trump Rebellion

The Republican Party itself has insisted on the perfect candidate (Think Jeb Bush) who supports their view on embracing illegal immigration and creating a pathway to citizenship for them. Their business constituents who are addicted to cheap labor back them. It appears that a large number of Republicans don’t back the Republican leadership on immigration policy.

Next, we have those Republicans, who insist on ideological purity for their candidate. However, when one emerged to take on Trump, they sniffed, looked down their collective noses and snickered and called him “worse than Lucifer.” That must be a new campaign technique where you say something so that voters do the opposite thing!

The Establishment of the party thought they knew better than their alleged sheep like constituency. It didn’t work, did it? Ideological purity conservatism and establishment status quo has been routed.

Why Are Democrats Gloating?

The Democrats are gleeful; they can’t wait for Hilary to take on Donald. But wait, let’s pause and remember how Trump snarled through the Republican field cutting down some people who are incredibly talented and successful in governance. Remember, with Trump, you get no PC-the gloves are off Baby.

Let’s also remember, that Bernie Sanders just won Indiana. Sure, he’s virtually been eliminated from the nomination, but if you read Political Storm on a regular basis you will see that his people despise Clinton. All you have to do is look at one of our co-founder’s video pieces to see it. Just read some of the passion from our bloggers in the everyday American’s blogging spot “Into the Storm.” Will they support Hilary?

The youth vote that helped push the President through to victory in 2008 is squarely on the Sanders candidacy. Will they vote for Hilary over Donald or vote at all?

What we don’t need to ponder is that it’s very clear that the American people of both parties are sick and tired of the status quo and the economic malaise under Obama. They want change and their respective political party elite isn’t offering it. That’s why we’re at this point today. Maybe the Sanders and Trump voters ought to get a hearing. What do you think?

Jon Saltzman May 4, 2016