Plumbing The Depths Of Hypocrisy

They’ve finally done it

They’ve finally done it, the Mainstream Media and their Progressive allies have finally done it; they have shown their hand as complete partisan hacks. There’s absolutely no pretense of objectivity or in the Democrat Party’s case, of governing the country.

For months following the election of Donald Trump, we have been stirred into a frenzy by news reports of the “Russian Dossier” which formed the basis of this whole Russia Collusion thing. I mean how else could we have failed to elect the inevitable Hillary Clinton?

Well, it turns out that the entire thing was just a little “opposition research” begun by a Republican rival of Trump’s (as yet unnamed). Later the DNC picked up the dossier and paid former MI5 agent Christopher Steele, through Fusion GPS, to keep digging. He used his Russian sources to produce dirt on Trump.

However, nothing in Steele’s research has been corroborated. That’s right, his sources probably made stuff up to have some fun stirring the pot during the American Presidential election.

But that didn’t stop the DNC. They peddled this garbage all through Washington and leaked it to the press. It’s believed that this “research” became the basis for the U.S. intelligence report that the Russians were trying to mess up our election and that possibly Trump was colluding with them to steal the election from “Entitled Hillary.” The FBI under James Comey was reportedly willing to pay for further information too.

Not upset yet?

Okay, try this: This largely fake document has been used to justify wiretapping on American citizens and later led to the whole “independent” counsel, Robert Mueller’s investigation of the Trump campaign’s alleged collusion with Russia.

David Harsanyi writing in a column today asks an important question. How is Hillary’s dirty campaign trick any different than the attempt by Donald Trump Jr. to obtain nasty information from Russians? Harsanyi sums it up nicely: “Treason! Trump Jr. didn’t even pay for or accept research.”

From the Mainstream Media? Crickets.

It’s really simple. If they can do it to a presidential candidate, they can do it to us.

But actually, this is the tip of the corruption iceberg. The other day, The Hillbroke a story about the FBI (under Mr. Independent, AKA Robert Mueller) having covered up an investigation by not allowing a witness to testify before Congress and keeping this information to themselves. He had provided them with serious allegations about Russian tampering with the U.S. nuclear energy.

Their informant had found that in the Bush and Early Obama administration, a Russian national had received kickbacks from a trucking company to transport uranium and that the Russians had compromised the nuclear energy business in the U.S. and were engaged in bribes and money laundering.

The knowledge of this by the FBI, and in all probability, the Obama Administration, was kept quiet until 2014. Meanwhile, the State Department, under Secretary Clinton approved the sale of a Canadian mining company (Uranium One) to the Russian Government. The company controlled 20 percent of the U.S. uranium stock.

The Clinton foundation received four donations from 2009-2013 totaling $2.35 million from the Canadian company’s owners. Bill Clinton received a $500,000 speaking fee for a speech in Russia the day after the deal was approved by the State Department. Who says so? The New York Times.

Furthermore, the Russian energy agency Rosatom, through its subsidiary Tenex, later was allowed by the Obama Administration to sell uranium to the U.S. energy industry! What if the FBI had shared their information?

Perhaps no sale of the Canadian mining company and maybe no sale of Russian uranium to the U.S.?

Look, this week we’ve discovered that there was tampering by the Russians that we knew about and withheld thanks to the FBI under Mueller and the Obama Justice Department. Knowledge of this might have prevented the sale of a Canadian mining company that resulted in a sale of 20% of our uranium stock to Russia and quite possibly lined the Clinton’s pockets. Later, we actually bought back some of the uranium we sold!

We also learned that the DNC and Clinton campaign paid a former British spy to dig up Russian dirt on Trump and his campaign. The FBI under James Comey was reportedly ready to pay for more.

We also know that Robert Mueller and other FBI folks who earlier withheld a key witness of Russian shenanigans are the same guys investigating Donald Trump’s alleged and unproven collusion with Russia.

If you’re really looking for Russian tampering, look no further.

But the Democrats, the establishment Republicans, and the Main Stream Media aren’t really looking for real Russian collusion story are they?

Jon Saltzman is the Publisher and Senior Editor of Political Storm