Oppression, Privilege & Conflict Theory

The Privilege Game: A precursor to Marxism and Conflict Theory

In the next couple of weeks, I will publish a video explaining the concepts of Marxism and how it's more than just an economic system. When Marxism is applied to society, it's called Conflict Theory. I will be highlighted how many on the Progressive/Regressive Left use the lens of Conflict Theory to excuse or justify behaviors of perceived oppressed and oppressor peoples based on past oppression.

A better understanding of this world view will help you better understand a big segment of race relations in the United States. It's also a fun game you can play with friends in predicting the social outcomes of Conflict Theory.

This video introduces us to the Marxist notion of privilege and social justice. Now... for the record... privilege is a real phenomenon in everyday life. As someone who passes for caucasian, I had a easier time of blending in with the white crowd than my father did. As someone who is able-bodied, I am more privileged than someone in a wheelchair.

What Marxism does is it weaponizes privilege for its own nefarious purposes all in the name of social justice. For the record, is a noble cause. It's only when weaponized that it becomes toxic. Also, social justice has its roots in Nazism... so there's that. #Völkischequality

After I publish my video, I will make this a continual conversation by highlighted instances of Conflict Theory in contemporary American society.

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Jon Saltzman
Jon Saltzman


Great post- I'm looking forward to your series!