Oh Bama III

What do you do when you’re the president of The US and your country is suddenly inundated by “lone wolf”attacks in NY

Seaside Heights, NJ, Elizabeth NJ, and Minnesota?

Well, if you’re President Obama, uh… nothing.

Well actually that’s not true. What you do is say nothing about it while you campaign for Hillary Clinton and attend a fundraiser as long as you’re in New York, anyway.

Welcome to the new normal, America. You should expect this kind of thing from now on. It’s business as usual.

The refusal by this president to call terrorism what it is and his willing minions in the press corps will be the slow death of this nation.

The unnamed and misnamed incidents that have occurred under Obama’s stewardship continue to mount while he faces the press with his Alfred E. Neuman (What? Me Worry?) grin and continues to deny reality.

And put ordinary Americans in danger.

The failed foreign policy of the president, Hillary Clinton, and John Kerry is evident in the stepped-up attacks we’re seeing. The fall of Libya, the chaos in Syria, the failure to support Egypt and Israel, the premature withdrawal from Iraq, “the red line in the sand,” and the gratuitous Iran deal have all created an atmosphere where emboldened, radical Islamic terrorists thrive.

They love it when we’re weak. And we are weak, folks.

Many on the left will now refer back to the tired argument that we’ve brought it on ourselves. They’ll say if only we hadn’t made them mad or gone into Iraq and Afghanistan. They’ll say it’s all Bushes and the Neocons’ fault.

Well, they’re right to this extent: the Afghanistan and Iraq Wars haven’t solved anything and they shattered many American soldiers and their families’ lives.

They were unwinnable because there was no real plan. There was no resolve for seeing things through. We’re up against an enemy that sends children into battle or straps bombs to their chests or randomly stabs 8 people in a mall. They believe the West is evil. It’s an existential fight.

These post-war periods in Afghanistan and Iraq probably required something similar to what America did in Germany and Japan and South Korea, a more or less permanent presence – like it or not.

However, in nearly eight years after President Bush retired to his easel in Texas, Obama, Clinton and Kerry have made things worse…much worse.

I get it; why not just close the sorry chapter on something you didn’t initially want?

But the vacuum their failed policy has created, the “leading from behind” mentality, has emboldened all of our enemies – not just Jihadists. Russia feels perfectly at ease pushing into the Ukraine. China is on a mission to take the Pacific and rogue states like North Korea and Iran feel perfectly safe flexing their muscles.

President Obama and the Mainstream Media’s silence about terrorism in America by homemade jihadists is almost an acceptance of it. There – I said it. Obama, aided by Clinton and Kerry, spent the last eight years apologizing for America, after all.

Maybe they think we deserve what we’re seeing in New York City, New Jersey, and Minnesota. The smug, superior president, presidential candidate, and complicit media truly believe that a large group of their fellow citizens are bothdeplorable AND expendable… how sad.

Jon Saltzman is the Publisher and Senior Editor of Political Storm

Photo Credit: Evan El-Amin/ Shutterstock.com