MUSLIM MENGELES: British DR & Pharmacist accused of BRUTAL EXPERIMENTS in Syria

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MUSLIM MENGELES: British DR & Pharmacist accused of BRUTAL EXPERIMENTS on Syrian prisoners!!!

This is a truly disturbing story that over 99% of the media has completely ignored which is why I am covering it. #SyrianWar #WarAgainstISIS #JosephMengele #IssamAbuAnza #AlBagdadi #MohammedAnwar #BlackMarket #OrganTrafficking #ISISFighters #KurdishFighters #NorthernSyria #SoundandPicture #FreeSyrianArmy #CeaseFire #IronDome #IlhanOmar #RashidaTlaib #JoshBernsteinShow

LOL I understand that as of late the subject matters I have been covering are heavy and quite disturbing. i promise to report the GOOD also and Believe me there is a LOT of really good news coming as well. But it would be a dereliction of my duty not to report what the media hides from all of you. I can not and WILL NOT shy away from stories like this as it is my responsibility as a truth seeker and truth teller to report, inform, warn, or prepare my audience. This is my life's work and NOT a hobby. I am dedicated to saving our great Nation at ANY expense. Thank you for watching...even the tough ones and PLEASE support my efforts at WWW.PATREON.COM/JOSHBERNSTEIN I appreciate your support!!!

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This is horrifying!

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