Michelle Wolf & the Death of Comedy 1 of 2

If we can predict the jokes, it's no longer comedy.

​I am not a comedian, apparently neither is Michelle Wolf. I too can poach material from a Buzz Feed, Vulture, Vice, Fox News, MSNBC, or CNN headline and construct the basic building blocks of an obvious joke about the center-right, and feed it to a professional comedian to put it all together and deliver the punch line.

At the White House Correspondent’s Dinner the other night, comedian Michelle Wolf delivered some painfully obvious jokes about the Trump Administration. I say “painfully obvious jokes” because they were accented by an excessive amount of venom. What a joke lacks in originality and humor can be made up by self-virtue and attitude.

Over the past three presidential administrations, we’ve seen a narrative become so predictable that it makes current Hollywood reboot movies seem innovative. During the W. Bush years, dissent was patriotic. During the Obama administration, dissent was racist. During the age of Trump, dissent is vitreous and “woke.” Comedy is not immune to this narrative but in the past, it was resistant. Even in the past, a comedian to the left of Stalin would still find time to stock his or her quiver a litany bipartisan jokes. But now you don’t even need a monocular to see an anti-center right joke on the horizon.

One reason I can think comedy has dissented into sycophancy is the canonization of political ideology into the religious arena. Both sides have sanctified their political philosophies to form a pseudo religion. However, the “religion” of the left is proving to be the most toxic. How convenient you say? I ask you this, “Which political ideology holds the ideological power in academia? Who holds the ideological power in Hollywood? Who holds the ideological power in the movie industry? Who holds the ideological power on T.V shows? Who holds the ideological power in journalism?” All of these institutions make culture. Try uttering a center-right position in these arenas. What do you think would happen?

The first clip is taken from We the Internet. It lampoons the state of comedy. Full credit is given in the description.

Love it- good work!


Good piece as always. Just wondering when we can get back to making jokes. President does stupid stuff daily that should be made fun of. Sorry the educated and progressive people make it to television and have their ideas heard more. Ahhh gosh life sure is hard. If I want more race related/ less educated/ more conspiracy-ey related jokes I could just hit a Reddit timeline. I think trying to reason this one out has hit a thresh hold where the only way to move forward is to stop caring so much about what other people do. Just me. Pat. A guy.

@Pat Greer I've heard somewhere that "it's not humor unless somebody gets offended". Personally I think that humor, like honor, flows from the king. When it gets to the point where it's verboten to make fun of the president or his representative we've got some serious looking out to do.

We should import the way British does their humor, self-deprecating so we won't hurt onion-skinned SJWs at all