Meet John Doyle

My conversation with John Doyle, one of Political Storm's newest Conservative contributors.

John Doyle’s video blog “Heck Off Commie,” is really funny and instructive at the same time. He has just joined Political Storm as a contributor and I sat down for a short chat with John so our viewers could get to know him.

We talked about how he became politically aware and what he is trying to do with his show. The essence of his message is a playful jibe at the growing socialism of the Democrats and their Progressive base. He uses various props from the mid 20th Century to set the mood. His black and white introduction is classic 50’s and 60’s America.

In just his first week of his show, he has already been placed in “Facebook limbo.” And joins the ranks of other Political Storm contributors like Suzzanne Monk.

We discussed this and some of his thoughts on current events. I really enjoyed meeting John Doyle and I think you will too. Our contributors are regular people with extraordinary drive to keep independent media alive in America. Give his show “Heck off Commie” a try and you’ll become a fan of it like I did. This guy has a bright future!

Watch all of his skits and video commentary right here on Political Storm: click John Doyle.