Meet Dave Ellison: Politics Beyond Left And Right

Dave Ellison and I talk about his Centrist views and his new book

The other day, I sat down to talk with Dave Ellison, the author of Politics Beyond Left and Right: A Guide to a More Unified Nation.

Dave is a financial planner who also owns (with his wife) a large real estate business in Connecticut. He's passionate about history and has some interesting views of what the Founders meant when they worked on our Constitution and the implication it has for current politics.

We explored why he decided to write his book, what it means to be a Centrist, and what his solutions are for many of the issues we argue about today such as abortion, Gay and Transgender Rights, The Second Amendment, taxes, immigration, and more.

Dave also has a suggestion for Republicans...

I heartily recommend his book to Political Storm viewers. It's short and to the point and lays the groundwork for how we can all come together and at least hear each other out.

His book is available on Amazon and Barnes And Noble in he e-reader format and in paperback.

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Pat Greer
Pat Greer


Great interview jon. Questions were on point and double points for you actually reading his book. I did want to hear more about the social issues vs political issues piece. It sounds like a fascinating piece.

Philip Carino
Philip Carino

Finally a centrist contributor! May many more of your kind contribute for Political Storm good sir!