Manafort Facing 305 YEARS IN JAIL?! & Democrats Steal Pennsylvania!

Check out episode 45 of the "Let's Talk Headlines" series! After my rant I discuss the recent special election plus more

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to the 45th Episode of the Let's Talk Headline's Series! Today I go on a bit of a rant at the beginning of the cast before I get into the news content.

If you want to skip my rant, go to 7:32 for the news!

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Great Podcast as always! It's hard to understand the nail-biter in PA. Yes, the Republican may have been weak, true. But, the economy is booming and Trump has proposed protections on trade that should benefit that area (near Pittsburgh). The true culprit could be the Democratic-leaning press with their lack of coverage for much of the successes of Trump and even the Republicans. Instead, it's a negative drumbeat all day long.


Economy was booming under Obama and Trump has continued the trend. Trump would have had to create a real dumpster fire to negate the progress done by Obama. Now you know I credit Trump to the confidence people have in the market and his moves that have clearly favored big business has contributed to the economies success, however much of the rhetoric and policy he continues to push are archaic and progressive/educated people are fearful these trends will dissolve the progress made in this country...EG why Penn has a resurgence for Dems.


You make a good point, Pat. And I will give credit where credit is due in relation to Obama and the US economy (to a degree). I don't agree that his policy and rhetoric are archaic except for that fact that Reagan used the phrase #MAGA. I think there are massive amounts of self-created hysteria on the left used to try discredit Trump's agenda-- but at the same time I wont be so naive to say that his vocal disdain for the media (deserved at times in my opinion) is exactly great for the country. I think conservative policy appears to be archaic to progressives, and progressive policy appears to be extreme to conservatives-- we are like ying and yang haha. At the root of his agenda, there are many common sense principles and ideas that conservatives can appreciate. But you are right, he should be concerned about the loss in Penn special elections-- especially if there does end up being a blue wave.


Thanks for the comment, Jon. I do believe the press does play a role in the nations perception of the President. By redirecting their attention to trivial matters that hold no relevance to the betterment of the country-- a character smear campaign. I also don't doubt that under the Trump presidency the left will unify out of pure hatred for the man! Do they have better to offer? No one knows-- but Penn special elections should be a reminder to conservatives not to get comfortable!