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Happy Halloween to you all! I will be filling in over at Next News Network today IN COSTUME & Friday.

Also Jacob will have a SPECIAL Halloween Musical Number on his channel at 6:15PM EASTERN!!! So make sure and go to JACOB AIDEN DRUMMER on Youtube to see it!

Also, I am going trick or treating later tonight with Jake and I might have a very funny special show that I will drop late tomorrow night. (if I can get good lighting)

The left likes to say anybody that doesn't buy their BS Climate Hoax story is an evil earth hating climate denier. Yet time and time again the climate commies have been PROVEN WRONG yet the media and the Democrats refuse to admit they are wrong. Global Warming is nothing but hot air coming from the mouths of lying liberals... Here's one of those stories the media completely ignored and buried from you. I found it, dug it out, and present it to you on a silver platter...

NOTE: With my father's passing last week I wasn't sure how long I would be out of the studio so I recorded 4 quick extra segments late last week. Some of these segments may be a little dated I admit so sorry for that.

I will have all new fresh up to date content late this week and early next. In the meantime, I tried to pick stories that got virtually NO COVERAGE so maybe all these segments will be new & fresh to 95% of you anyway. Even when its old its new lol!

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