Keep Your Blindfold On: Political Justice Warriors

Justice, when exercised appropriately, is a principle that allows for the progression and moral wellness of a nation.

However, the abuse and circumvention of justice have been found in the rubble and ashes of crumpled civilizations that once stood at the apex of power. What is it about justice that has the power to build and break? If justice is so vital to a nation’s success, what is it that seduces men and women in high places to pervert it?

Whenever I contemplate justice, the imagery of Lady Justice comes to mind. I see a beautiful, blindfolded woman wielding a sword in her left hand and a scale in her right hand. The sword represents her authority and ability to swiftly exercise justice. The scale symbolizes the merit and evidence of each case before her. And finally, the blindfold that covers both her eyes represent the impartial and unbiased nature of true justice. This is the personification of justice– and upon closer observation, we realize that these three distinctive features of Lady Justice are not arbitrarily bound to her.

But like all good things, mankind tampers. The result of tampering with an inherently good principle like justice is injustice—no matter how benign the intent! A perfect example is Social Justice. I have always taken issue with the term Social Justice. Why? Because it states that it is society’s job to distribute wealth, opportunities, and privileges to the systematically oppressed based on overt identity rather than character and merit. It requires that a minority group obtain special treatment typically based on skin color, ethnic background, religion, or gender. This would, by definition, be considered discrimination (look it up). When you deconstruct social justice, it becomes apparent that, at the very core, it is fueled by bias—seemingly benign bias. Social justice becomes immoral when it removes Lady Justice’s blindfold. Since there is no bias in justice, social justice is essentially injustice.

We have established that when a modifier is added to justice, a principle that is intrinsically and morally good, we pervert it. This theory is tested when we consider a new movement who’s constituents I’d like to call the Political Justice Warriors (PJWs). PJWs pervert justice by allowing personal politics to dictate how justice is exercised and whom it favors. The scale of evidence brandished by Lady Justice appears to be completely irrelevant to this group because they hold political real estate in the highest regard—even higher than logical reasoning and fact. Lady Justice’s blindfold is a liability rather than a necessity to a PJW because their goal isn’t transparency; instead, it’s political gain. Finally, Lady Justice’s sword is easily the PJW’s favorite feature because they understand justice as a warhead that can be wielded at their discretion. To a PJW justice becomes a weapon used to obtain power instead of a tool used to stabilize it.

If we look at news coverage today it isn’t hard to see the politicization of inherently apolitical institutions like the FBI. Do not be mistaken; as we live and breathe, bureaucrats are actively using their power to undermine the current administration due to an abhorrence they hold towards the President. Whether the hatred is justified is neither here nor there, but political opponents of the administration should be reminded that it is not illegal to be hated. It is, however, unethical, corrupt, and a gross abuse of power that would lead a political party to collude with a Law Enforcement Agency to remove a democratically elected President.

Whatever opinions there are towards the President and his Administration, it is of utmost importance that we, regardless of political affiliation, protect his rights as an American citizen. If we stay quiet in the midst of judicial malpractice, not only do we betray democracy, we become complicit in the distribution of injustice. It’s about time we stop letting our political positions dictate our reasoning and, in turn, allow sound reasoning to dictate our political position.

Keep your blindfold on.